Saturday 15 March 2014

Carnival of Homeschooling {Edition # 428}

Welcome to the 428th edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling where home school families share their homeschool wisdom with us from all over the world via their blogs.

Carnival of Homeschooling was started by the Cate Family over at Why Homeschool and has been a tremendous source of home school support and information.

This Week . . .

Annie Kate from over at Tea time with Annie Kate shares Not Finishing the School Year We have been learning in a delight-directed way for over a decade and a half, and we've been fallen into some common pitfalls. Once you know what they are, you can more easily avoid them.

Too often schools are trying to push political agendas by Henry Cate over at Why Homeschool. He shares another reason he is glad they are homeschooling.

Denise from over at Let's Play Math shares Pi Day Roundup. Math holiday alert: March 14th is Pi Day! Here are some ideas to help you celebrate…

Eclectic Momma

Christy from over at Eclectic Momma shares some practical suggestions for Everyday Math:  Grocery Store Math  

David shares some insights to Practical Training over at Bruggie Tales.  Now that the oldest have started in the world, we are still able to give some practical training and opportunities, even if it just providing a testing bed for their great ideas!

Shirley from over at There's No Place Like Home shares My Answer to a Common Concern about Homeschooling This post is a response to a common misconception that unschooling is always about fun and games, and, therefore, unschooled kids will never learn about responsibility. I specifically wrote about how our approach for high school is different in that we tailor-made a curriculum around the show "Sherlock" for our daughter.

As We Walk Along the Road

Leah from over at As We Walk Along The Road shares some thoughts on When Homeschooling Isn't Fun 

Julie from over at The Smallest Acre shares: We're still trying to learn how to successfully incorporate field trips. An opportunity came up and we decided to go for it. Fun was had by all. We're already planning our next field trip. Could this be the beginnings of a global student? Read some more at Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum

Today over at Living Life and Learning you can find out more about ways for your toddler to have some fun with straws and work on their find motor skills. Fine motor activity with straw

Sola Gratia Mom shares sometime Korean Lamb Towels & Silly First Law of Thermodynamics "Magic" 

Thank you for visiting the carnival this week may you be as encouraged as I have been reading what has been shared.



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