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Philippians in 28 Weeks {Review}

I've always admired people who memorize complete chapters or books of the bible and wondered how they do it.

For me scripture memorization work has always been difficult.  I hate to learn things by route it's always just been in the to hard basket. This however has never diminished my desire to memorize chapters or books of the bible.  Recently Home School Adventure Co offered us the opportunity to study and memorize the book of Philippians in 28 Weeks.

What we received
We were given Philippians in 28 Weeks ESV eBook version.

The book contains: the story behind memorizing the book of Philippians in 28 weeks, instructions on how to use the program, Chapter 1 - 4, Chapter 1-4 review, the log, the cards and about the author.  There are a number of suggestions on how to use the book and the steps to memorize the book of Philippians are explained in the instructions in the front of the book.

How we used it
I printed two copies of the eBook one double sided for me and one single sided for Sir N.  Having the pages single sided made it much easier for him to do the copy work of each scripture and the fill in notebook pages. I took it to Office Works and had it bound to keep the pages together in one neat book.

We also printed the scripture memory cards and laminated them for durability.

The principle behind the program is summed up in five basic steps
  1. Read
  2. Record
  3. Repeat
  4. Review
  5. Recite
The recommended pace is to memorize approximately one new verse a day for six days and then recap the verses already learned.  We had every intention of maintaining this rhythm but soon discovered it was not working for us and becoming a chore rather than a joy.  We have since slowed down and are enjoying it much more.

Whenever we start a new verse to memorize we write out the verse in our journal using the copywork page.  Having the scripture already there on the page made it so much easier for Sir N to write and copy.

Sir N copy work

Every six days the journal contains a reflection area where there are specific questions relating to the scriptures you have learned as well as a page to note the insights you have gained from reading through the book of Philippians during the week. These questions are a wonderful tool in helping with your meditation upon the word.  I'm looking forward to seeing what I have learned in the weeks to come as we move through our journey of becomeing a walking epistle once we know the book of Philippians.

Cost of Philipians in 28 Weeks
  • ESV / KJV** Complete print edition $28.95
  • ESV* Complete eBook edition $14.95
  • Philippians memory cards $9.95
* ESV = English Standard Version
** KJV = King James Version

Homeschool Adventure is offering you 10% discount on the following eBook purchases (expires 15 May 2014).
  1. Philosophy Adventure
  2. Mere Christianity Journal
  3. Philippians in 28 Weeks
  4. The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions
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Recommended Age Range
  • For ages 12 and up. 
  • For read aloud and discussion as a family: ages 9-11. 
  • High schooler's can do this independently.
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What we thought
If you want to become a walking epistle then Philippians in 28 Weeks is for you.

Spending time in one book of the bible is helping us to better understand and grasp the Word and become better acquainted with it's meaning and more importantly it's application to our lives. The more we memorize the more scripture is permeating our daily living.  I am looking forward to completing this memory challenge and becoming more importantly a living epistle of our Lord and Saviour.

I do hope that Home School Adventure Co produce more books of the bible to memorize in this format.


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