Friday, 9 May 2014

B is for bountiful blessings ...

B is for counting your blessing each day
Building up memories 
B is for birthdays each one a gift
Broadening horizons a daily affair

A blackboard for basic addition
Blending our letters with brilliant review
Books on display for all to explore a
Breath taking vistas to study and learn
Bolivia, Belgium, Britain and Bermuda

Blissfully baking biscuits for banquets
Boiling beef, barley and beets with more gravy
Budgeting weekly for bargains and more
Brownies, bananas and blueberries galore

Banning all bullying and boastful behaviour
It's better to be without bad behaviour
Building up character
Brushing up good manners

Bouncing a ball on the beach - a bonanza
Blissful blue sky with sun burning brown
Buckets, balloons and bubbles 

Bravely going on barnyard expeditions 
Bounding up bravely for

Bike rides and boating
Breaking baseball records for all to enjoy

Breathless with wonder to see 
Boa's and bees, bandicoots and bears
Bright bold birds branching and singing
Beautiful butterflies balancing on buttercups

Beware dear Mother
Be warned without sleep
Beauty will fade
and Burnout will be

Before it's too late
Blissfully soaking in bubble bathes
Basking in the Bible
with Bed time benedictions
and of course 

By counting your Blessings
B is for the best, the best you can do

If you missed the start of blogging through the alphabet you can read A is for answers to questions aplenty.

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Ben and Me
Join Marcy over at Ben and Me Round 5 of Blogging through the Alphabet. Beginning on Monday, April 28, finishing up the week of Monday, October 20!

Marcy has challenged us to blog for all 26 weeks.  IF you are able to keep up you will have the opportunity to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

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