Thursday, 8 May 2014

Zentangle {Virtual Fridge}

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Have you heard of zentangle ? I happened to stumble across it when looking up doodling on YouTube a few weeks ago. This is turn led me to look for FREE patterns online which I discovered at After poking around for a while I found Chrissie Murphy Designs which inspired me to take the plunge and start tangling.

I found a small square book and decided to divide the page in four and work my way through the TANGLE GUIDE, 2014 Edition trying out tangles. 

I've had so much fun doing Tangle patterns I decided to get Sir N started.  Here is his first attempt at zentangle. He chose to do the 2-N-5 pattern.

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Using art in geometry over at The Potters Hand Academy.

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I invite you to take some photo's of your children's artistic pursuits put them in a post and link up with me I would love to come over and see the wonderful art your children have enjoyed doing.
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The Virtual Fridge a weekly art meme where we can hang our children's art on a virtual fridge. This meme was started by Jennifer over at A Glimpse of our Life who kindly invited three other bloggers to co-host this weekly meme.

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  1. Hello. I found your blog because I have "Zentangle" in my Google alerts. I am a former art teacher for grades K-8th who is now a Certified Zentangle Teacher and work with all ages. I just wanted to invite you to my blog where I have lots of links to all kinds of "Zentangly" things that might be of interest to you. I'm glad you are enjoying Zentangle as it is very calming and relaxing.

  2. That is really cool! I remember seeing Zentangle stuff a few years ago and being intrigued, but at that time I couldn't find anything free so I never pursued it. I think my daughter would like it too.


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