Sunday, 20 July 2014

It's been a busy but good week {HSMJ}

In my life this week…
Am I allowed to envy another Home School Mom's library ?  Lets just say that this library is spectacular and I look forward to one day having a cup of tea with Erin from Seven Little Australians and seeing her beautiful library for myself. Erin has spent some time rearranging things and shares some ideas of what to do with picture books.

Two more sleeps and my first born turns 21!
I've been practicing macro photography

In our home school this week…
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
My favourite thing this week was…
  • I love beautiful photography and weddings and new babies touch me deeply.  This week I enjoyed the photo journal of a Taupo Deer Farm Wedding.
Questions/thoughts I have…
  • Are you on Google+ ?  If so come and say hello :)
Things I’m working on…
Surfing the WWW…
I’m cooking…
On Pinterest I found...
I’m grateful for…
  • Those on the www who are willing to share their information with us.
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

I enjoyed seeking this street performance. If I had not seen this with my own eyes I would have said it was impossible.



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  1. Aww whilst I don't mean to cause you envy I would LOVE you to come and have a cuppa:) {{}}

    1. :) I know you didn't Erin :) All in good humour I promise :)

  2. If I didn't have so many posts already in my reading list, I could happily spend the rest of the evening working through what you have listed here! I'm looking forward to tips for Google+, I have yet to take the time to learn much about it.

    1. Change of plan :) I've just posted my list and look forward to your thoughts :)


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