Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Who Created Everything? (Audio Drama One) {Review}

For the last few months Sir N and I have been on an audio-book and audio-drama odyssey.  We are now reaching a point of running out of resources at our local library and this in turn has me searching for new resources.  The two of us have been enjoying being exposed to a variety of styles of reading and dramatic presentations.

A couple of months ago I heard about Wizzy Gizmo via the Schoolhouse Review Crew and was really impressed with the samples on their website for the Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything?.

Wizzy Gizmo have a few excellent resources available to support families.  I just received an email from the Wizzy Gizmo team who have let me know that they will soon be adding colouring pages, games and puzzles complementing all their products to their website.

What we received
The CD contains one 36 minute audio drama of the book Who Created Everything from Genesis chapter one.
The audio drama is followed by 24 minutes of beautiful music.
The audio drama is divided up into 22 tracks.

About the story: Join Summer, Thomas, Eli and Olive on the adventure of a lifetime.  It's summer and they've all been waiting for Wizzy Gizmo to complete his greatest invention yet.  When they arrive at Wizzy's special place they are just in time to join him in testing his latest creation.  Together they experience creation together.  Qwacky and Pepe help the Wizzy to explain and understand what is happening.

How we used it
  • We have listened to this audio drama at home during quiet time and in the car traveling. 
  • A family friend used it while her children were siting doing some colouring in work at the table.
  • My sister used it at home with her pre-school aged children during quiet room time and in the car traveling.

Cost of Who Created Everything

Recommended Age Range
  • 4 - 12 year olds

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Our Thoughts
We thoroughly enjoyed our adventure with Wizzy and his friends.  This is a great dramatic presentation of creation for children to enjoy time and again.


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  1. The Wyndham library will buy audio books if you request them! Also you can order heaps through interlibrary loan.
    There's also

  2. Hi Chareen,

    If you're looking for more recommendations for family friendly audio drama check out

    I run the website and podcast there and we're huge fans of audio drama and we try to stay on top of all the productions so we can keep folks informed on what is available.



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