Thursday, 5 February 2015

Let's Wins a Sonlight Core Together!

When we started home educating in 1998 we started with Sonlight K.  We had the most amazing year of homeschooling.  Over the years we have used the following Cores, Language Arts and Science programs.

My Sonlight Badges 

When the Sonlight Catalog arrives I spend a wonderful afternoon curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and read it to find all the new treasures they have unearthed.  It's my NUMBER ONE RESOURCE for twaddle free literature.

Sonlight are celebrating 25 years this year. They have a year long party happening.  You can find out about the events here: EVENT DATES.

 Along with this they are gifting us the chance of winning a FULL YEAR of Curriculum. So that means that if one of you wins the giveaway after entering through my referral link, I will win, too!

After you enter, you will also be given a referral link to share and if someone wins after entering through your link, you also win!

All YOU need to do is spread the word.  To read more click on the picture below or pop on over to MOM to MOM Curriculum Giveaway.

Mom-to-Mom Curriculum Giveaway

- See more at:
Mom to Mom Curriculum Giveaway

Here’s how it works. 
After you register for the Mom-to-Mom Curriculum Giveaway, share your personal referral link with all your friends on social media, your blog, email – anywhere someone can click your link.

When someone registers for the giveaway using your link, you’re BOTH now eligible to win. You can only win if you share. The more you do, the more opportunities you have to win.

Your friends who sign up will receive their own personal link that they can share with their friends, too.

When is the draw ?
  • The selection of the grand prize winners shall take place on June 26, 2015
  • The first winner will be selected from among the database of registered names that have been entered into The Giveaway. 
  • The corresponding referrer who referred that selected winner will then be the second winner, no matter how many other people previously referred this second winner. 
  • Each winner will receive their choice of one (1) Core Package or Full Grade Package for a specified grade level.



The links to Mom to Mom giveaway contain a referral link.  When you use my link there is NO cost to you,  There is NO PURCHASE made all I receive is an entry into the Mom to Mom giveaway.

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