Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Designing a flag

Last month Nathaniel started attending Boys Brigade. The theme for this term is flags and they were given an assignment to design a flag for their group.  Each boy is to draw and colour a design and then submit it for consideration.  The winning flag will be used by the group for the next four years.

This has been a great opportunity to learn about colour and what each one represents upon a flag.  Nathaniel spent ages on this design.  Yesterday he finalised it and we printed and traced the elements he had chosen.  It's taken two days of colouring but it is finished.

Design Elements used and their meanings 
(Nathaniel dictated this)
  • Center - A CIRCLE. This represents God because a circle has no start and no end and God has no start and no end.  It is WHITE because that means purity, bravery and strength.
  • Boys Brigade emblem which represents Hebrews 6:19 "Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast" (stedfast is spelt without an a because that was the spelling in the bible used when the emblem was designed.)
  • Top Left - RED meaning to lead courageously and symbolizes the blood of Jesus and courage.
  • Top Right - YELLOW meaning justice. The crown means two things the kingship of Jesus and the crown from the Victorian State flag.
  • Bottom Left - The stars from the Australian flag in the shape of the Southern Cross and navigation. Stars were used in the old days to navigate, so stars are also there to help us remember to navigate our lives through Jesus.  BLUE means freedom and to worship God and also means peace.
  • Bottom Right - BLACK means determination and defeating ones enemy, in this case meaning to defeat Satan.
We've enjoyed our journey in learning about flags and the different elements and what they mean in flag heraldry. I've especially enjoyed seeing his creativity in this assignment.

PS Did you know that the scouting movement was born out of Boys Brigade ?

Some resources we used

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  1. Very good Nathaniel. I love your creativity. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy Boys Brigade.


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