Monday, 30 March 2015

Weather {Poppins Book Nook}

Welcome to the start of the Poppins Book Nook for 2015.  This year The Enchanted Homeschooling Mom has a wonderful spoonful of reading lined up for us.

This months theme for the Poppins Book Nook is Weather which I feel is such an appropriate way to start the year as our weather is changing.  We are moving from summer to autumn, the days are growing shorter by the minute and the nights are lengthening.  The trees are changing and preparing for their winter sleep and many other animals are migrating to warmer climates.

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FREE for You
Jill from over at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom has made this FREE Poppins Book Nook pack for you.
  • An official interactive Poppins Book Nook bookmark for this month’s theme
  • This month’s Passport pages to add to your lap book
  • Several lap book elements centered around The Laboratory.
  • Reading response writing prompt

We have enjoyed the company of Weather this month.  You are invited to blog and share one of your book adventures on the theme of Weather and join in our link up below.

Looking forward to reading your adventures

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