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Carnival of Homeschooling for May {471 Edition}

Welcome to the 471st edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling where home school families share their home school wisdom with us from all over the world via their blogs.
This month we have over 70 links to homeschool support letters, advice, encouragement, free printables, unit studies, round up posts and much much more.  Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and take a trip around the world wide web for the best of the best encouragement and resources in the homeschool blogging world this month.

Carnival of Homeschooling was started by the Cate Family over at Why Homeschool and has been a tremendous source of home school support and information over the years to the homeschooling community.  We appreciate your support and monthly submissions.

This Week
 Why Homeschooling
Every Bed of Roses

 Trivium Pursuit

Notes from a Homeschooled Mom

  • The US Preamble and Lichtenstein Art Looking to combine our fine arts with our history studies; we dressed up like the Statue of Liberty, and made some pop art using US symbols! 
  • Fossil Fun Studying the science or Origins and Catastrophism, we explored the fossil layer with some hands on experiments, and had a fun animal themed dress-up! 
  • Gooey Bubbly Elements Fun! Some messy, fun element experiments that are easy to do and loved by kids both young and old! 

 Petticoat Government

Learning Curve
  • How to Build a Solar Oven Hands on science fun as we walk you through the building of a solar oven and the results of two attempts at using it. 
  • World War 2 - Unit Study A live show, survivor interviews and a museum trip are just a few of the interesting educational experiences in this unit study of World War 2. Travel back as you read about living on top of the Battle of the Bulge, George Marshall and the Marshall Plan and a host of books and video resources to enhance your study. 

Let's Play Math
 Journey and Destination

 Fill Your Bookshelf
A Net in Time
  • Missionary Monday: Ida Kahn Ida Kahn was an unwanted Chinese girl... too many children in a poor home. Adopted she was educated and became a doctor to her people. This is her story.
  • Thinking Thursday: Protagoras Protagoras, a greek sophist philosopher. His way of thinking is still current today. 
The Every Day of Education

Journey & Destination
  • Teaching Children to Wonder & Admire Teaching children to wonder & admire - the use of literary books in science; some thoughts on The Story Book of Science by Jean Henri Fabre 
Big Family Blessings

Life at Rossmont

Year Round Homeschooling

Year Round Homeschooling

Gypsy Road

Golden Grasses
  • Spring Dinner Dance Yearly spring Dinner/ Dance for area homeschool high school students with Mystery Dinner served by parents, tons of fun games and of course, dancing!
  • D.D. in 5 Fast and furious trip to D.C. for dh's conference. We crammed in some awesome sight-seeing, ate a Crab shack and dipped our toes in the Chesapeake.
  • 9 Ways to Succeed as a Homeschooler 9 Simple Ways to Succeed as a Homeshcooler

I Choose Joy!

Enrichment Studies Blog
  • FREE for a limited time: Women Artists of the Renaissance Fine Art Pages For a limited time folks can get our full Women Artists of the Renaissance Fine Art Pages collection for FREE when they sign up for our newsletter! This is a $6 art appreciation product. Parents can easily print the fine art pages at home and display them around the house for pain-free, organic art enjoyment. :)

A Peace of Mind
  • Worth Neglecting! What really matters? What do I need to focus on most in this season of life? Do I have a goal for my home and family? Do I have one for myself ? I cannot tell you how many things have come my way recently telling me to list those things that really matter – to relax and ponder and pray more – to seek after joy and peace no matter the mess. And who doesn’t have a mess when you are a homeschoolers with a bunch of eager and creative children?
  • What About Miss Mason Charlotte Mason says “Education is a discipline, education is an atmosphere and education is a life.” She encourages us to see our children as born people — when nurtured on a feast of noble ideas through “living” books, picture studies, nature studies (those things typically considered to be “extras” ) our children are better able to develop their own ideas utilizing all around them: God’s world in nature, art, literature, history, music and, of course, God’s written Word. Surely we want our children to have a worldview with the Bible at the center of it all :-)
  • Do My Kids Hear Joy in the Lifestyle We Have Chosen ? I admit it, if you have been reading lately, we are struggling a bit right now. The passion is waning; the time I put into this ~ our own homeschooling days just aren’t so full of joy. In fact, I’ve been feeling sort of burnt out on the whole homeschooling thing. There are days I really do want to toss my kids on a bus to someone else.
  • Book Nook - Folk Tales I think my son wants to be a lumberjack when he grows up now; I do know that he cannot wait to try some of this out himself one day! yikes. Even I had no idea about some of this; the things these guys do ~ Its amazing!

The Arrowood Zoo
  • Dyslexia Myths & Tips" As I have watched 2 boys (one dyslexic, one not) have learning issues and them personally give there all these are myths and comments from various sources that have really bothered me at some point and time. They are lazy. Oh, they will grow out of it. They really should try harder."
  • Dyslexia Reading Stages "In order to become a good reader, a child will need to first learn to decode words and have word recognition skills. Some children naturally progress easily with minimal help and guidance, like my daughter however both of my boys have been totally different. A child with Dyslexia will not be able to learn easily and they will need lots of assistance and instruction tailored to their need."
  • DIY Whisper Phone "Whisper Phone... Your probably doing just like I was - What in the world is a whisper phone? Like we need more phones - right? Whisper phones are used so that the child can HEAR what they are saying. The phone supports and helps build phonemic awareness, which helps build their reading skills. My son has a problem saying one sound and thinking it is another and actually just not being able to hear himself has caused him a lot of trouble while reading and spelling."
  • Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Homeschooling... "I have been homeschooling 9 years this August and time and life has changed so many times over the years. When I started homeschooling my family didn't even have internet! Learning the ropes was extremely hard and unforgiving.
    Here are a few things I've learned over the years:
    1.Don't worry about what everyone else is doing.
    2. You don't have to answer the phone in the middle of a lesson - Nor feel guilty about it.
    3. A meal plan is your friend."

Counting Our Blessings

In All You Do

Homeschool Coffee Break
Puddle Jumping

Tales of a Homeschool Family

Tots and Me...Growing Up Together

Daily Life
  • Free Printables for 30 Days In honor of turning 30 I am posting a new free printable on my blog every day for 30 days. There will be different subjects and age ranges. This is the first post and will have links to each day's printable.

Our Worldwide Classroom

Some Call It Natural
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