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Knights & Nobles Once a Week Unit Study {Review}

When you enter the wonderful world of homeschooling many different words get tossed around.  Words like eclectic, boxed curriculum and unit studies.  A unit study involves a topic and studying all the aspects of life around that specific topic. They can be subject or topically focused.

Homeschool Legacy is a company that specializes in unit studies.  When you have boys in the house one of their favourite topics is Knights and Castles.  Homeschool Legacy recently gave us the opportunity of studying this topic with their Knights and Nobles Unit Study.

What we received
The book contains
  • Week 1 Castles
  • Week 2 Kings & Queens
  • Week 3 Knights
  • Week 4 Life on the Manor
Weekly Format
Each week in the book follows a similar format
  • Library reading choices.  These are read aloud and personal reading lists
  • Video lists. These lists cover both physical videos and Netflix streaming options.
  • Hands on activities
  • Daily activities
  • Once-a-week activities
  • Art & Craft activities
  • Family Devotions
  • History Timeline aplications
  • Math
  • Field Trip suggestions
  • Games
How we used it
For the purpose of this review I will focus on Knights and Castles as these two areas were of particular interest to Nathaniel.

Our adventure started out in week one with exploring castles. One of the recommended projects was to build a castle using LEGO. Nathaniel has spent hours and hours on this castle. Each time we learned something new he would add in a new detail to his castle.

Knight approaching the castle portcullis.

Knights jousting and practicing archery

Castle cat hunting on the walls

The Knights attire

I spent an easy time at the library with the list, and discovered some wonderful living books to share with Nathaniel.

I had these two read alouds on the shelf from when I homeschooled Timothy and Jane and it's been so much fun to read them again.

Stained Glass Window
Nathaniel was so inspired by Knights that he made himself this shield.

For the Parent
  • With the Once-A-Week approach to unit studies there is no prep work required other than sourcing a few items from the comprehensive list of recommendations.  All the book titles along with their library Dewey decimal numbers are provided for you. The complete system is totally flexible.  You choose how you would like to use them.  
  • The beauty of the system is that it covers the whole family from Grade 2 to 12 and incorporates up to twelve different subject areas.
  • The book begins with a concise write up on how to schedule your unit study times.  You choose if you would like to do a little every day or take one day a week to fully immerse yourselves in the topic.
  • The recommendations are short and concise.
Cost of Knights and Nobles
  • Paperback $18.95 + postage
  • Grab and Go digital download $14.00
Recommended Age Range
  • Grades 2 - 12
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Nathaniel and I have both being enjoying this in depth delight directed, living book approach to studying Knights and Castles.  I highly recommend this product from Homeschool Legacy as it is twaddle free hands on biblical minded approach to learning which is fun and all the planning work is already done for you.  All you need to do is jump on board for a wonderful journey of learning.

If you would like more information on unit studies with Homeschool Legacy You can watch a YouTube clip of Sharon Gibson explaining how their products work and why she created them for you.


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  1. I recently looked at this range and wondered what they were like. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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