Friday 9 October 2015

Sudoku Training Kit for Children {FREE Download}

Sudoku is one of those critical thinking games that I just assumed was far too difficult for me to learn.  It looked complicated to me. A year ago while on holiday my friend encouraged me to give it a go.  She explained the rules and lets just say that was the beginning of a very enjoyable holiday past time for me.

I was at a friends house and she had this really neat wooden Sudoku board on her coffee table and we got chatting about it.  She had designed a really neat children's set and was in the process of teaching her five and seven year old how to work through the thinking stages of Sudoku.  She graciously printed off her training pack and gave me permission to share it with you my readers!

Download your FREE  Sudoku Training Kit for Children here.

Teaching children to play Sudoku is a matter of patient practice and coaching.  In the printable you will find a number of boards to use.

Begin by printing page 9 and 10.  Once you have printed these two pages cut out the Sudoku training boards and laminate them for durability.

Begin with the two by two square board.
From your kit of tactile number blocks gather together four blocks numbered 1 to 4.
Explain to your student that you can only use each number once.
Set up the board with the three suggested numbers and ask your child to add in the final number.

Follow this exercise with using Rows to practice.  Use the same deduction technique.
Now use the column list and redo the same exercise.

From this your student can see that the process is the same in a square, a column and a row.

One your student grasps this concept it is time to practice using six tiles and the six tile 'square' which is found on page 6.

As your student gains confidence follow up with the graded practice working your way up through the different levels adding in more numbers.

Making your own Training Sudoku tiles.

  • One Sheet of half inch square tiles. You will need a total of 91 squares.
  • A permanent marker.
  • Optional—glaze to seal the tiles
Write a single number on each tile. Be sure to draw a line beneath the number six to prevent confusion between nine and six.

You will need nine tiles with the same digit for each numbers one through nine.
Set the tiles aside to allow the ink to set over night. I painted a glaze over mine to give them added protection. You now have enough tiles for a nine by nine square.

Download your FREE  Sudoku Training Kit for Children here.

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  1. Thanks Chareen. Sudoku comes and goes around here. A couple of years ago I was lucky to pick up a playing board second hand which has been great.

  2. Thanks a whole bunch for your offerings.

  3. well...that's a rather fun kit. My lad had a great time with a gameboard for sudoku.


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