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Circle C Stepping Stones - Andi Series {Review}

Ah the smell of a new book thrills me and to receive two new books from a brand new series is beyond description.  Nathaniel and I have been enjoying two new books by Susan K.Marlow.  She has written a wonderful series following the adventures of Andi on the Circle C ranch.  Circle C Stepping Stones follows the Beginnings series and precedes the Adventures series. We were blessed with: Andi Saddles Up and Andi Under the Big Top hot off the press from Kregel Publications to read and review.

Circle C Stepping Stones Book 1 & 2 Review and overview.

Circle C is a ranch in 1874 California.  Andi is the youngest child of the family.  There are currently four Circle C series available:
  1. Circle C Beginnings - Follows six year old Andi and her baby horse Taffy on their adventures together.  The text is aimed at first chapter book readers (Readers in the age range 6-9). (Six Books)
  2. Circle C Stepping Stones - Andi is now nine years old and Taffy is a three year old filly. The text in these books is a bit more challenging and the books are aimed at readers in the age range of 7-10. (Two Books available)
  3. Circle C Adventures - It's the 1880's on the Circle C ranch and Andi is now 12 and learning many valuable life lessons from her escapades.  These books are aimed at the age range 9-13. (Seven Books)
  4. Circle C Milestones - Andrea (Andi) is growing up and learning to find out what God's plans for her are.  These books are for the 11+ age range.  (Four Books)
About Circle C Stepping Stones
  • The books are aimed at girls and boys in the seven to ten year old age bracket. 
  • There will be a total of six books in the series. 
  • They are beautifully illustrated by Leslie Gammelagaard.
  • The illustrations are available as colouring pages to download.
  • Susan has provided free Activity pages for each book containing: Comprehension questions, vocabulary worksheets, maps, writing, history, puzzles and hands on activities. 
  • Lapbooks are available for the books.  
Andi Saddles Up

Andi Saddles Up 
This is book one (104 pages) in the new Circle C Stepping Stones series.  Andi Carter has finally reached the age when she may be a real horse rider. With greater freedom comes bigger responsibilities and along with that larger natural consequences to choices. In this book Andi learns about the character trait of obedience and how it keeps her safe and why it is important.

In this book you will learn about the Sheep and Cattle Wars. There is a short two page introduction for young children about the wars with interesting fast facts.

The activity book contains
  •  26 pages
  • An optional 28 day schedule.  The schedule paces the reading of the book alternated with activities.
  • A chapter by chapter comprehension questions
  • Vocabulary activity
  • Poetry activity
  • Cross Word
  • Information on Trout
  • Maze
  • Geography mapping activity
  • Word Search
  • Character study
  • Biology (broken bones and healing)
  • Answer key
Andi Under the Big Top

Andi Under the Big Top 
This is the second book in the new series (105 pages).  I still get excited about the circus and learned some things about the history of the circus in this book which I found really interesting.  It's the summer of 1877, Andi and her family are very excited because the circus has come to town. There are acrobats, elephants, clowns and bareback horse riders! Andi meets a new friend at the circus but soon learns that all the glamor and glitz is not all she imagined it to be. As she gets to know her new friend Henry she becomes aware of how deeply blessed she is and that he has a deep secret: he's run away from home to join the circus but now he's trapped and can't get back home.  Just how can she help him? She trusts him and soon discovers she is going to need to trust God a whole lot more for something very special to her.

The activity book contains
  •  27 pages
  • An optional 28 day schedule.  The schedule paces the reading of the book alternated with activities.
  • A chapter by chapter comprehension questions
  • Bible Verse Bookmarks
  • Vocabulary activity
  • History and information on stilts.  
  • Stilt making craft.
  • Cross Word
  • The Five Senses
  • Jules Leotard: The Man on the Flying Trapeze
  • the Flying Trapeze song and music.
  • Telegrams
  • Morse Code
  • Geography mapping activity
  • Answer key
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Our Thoughts
How do you know a book holds a child's interest? When they choose to switch off the television in favour of reading the book to find out what happens! We both enjoyed reading these two new books by Susan K.Marlow and are looking forward to the publication of the sequels to find out what happens to Andi. 

I am pleased at how the character of Andi owns her own choices and through her thoughts you can see how she wrestles with situations and comes to a biblical conclusion.  She apologizes when she is wrong.  Shares her struggles with praying and waiting patiently to see how the Lord will address her needs.  Asks for forgiveness when she needs to and appeals to those in authority on behalf of those who need help.

If you are looking for books for a horse loving friend or family member or a great birthday gift, look no further.  These books are an excellent choice.


Andi Series {Kregel Publications and Susan K. Marlow Reviews}


  1. Charlene, I loved your review. Thanks so much. I really appreciated the shout out for the other series too and how detailed you were for the extra stuff.

    You're in Australia? Hurrah! Spread the news about Andi "down under." :-)
    Thanks again!

    1. You are very welcome. We enjoyed your books. Thank you for posting them to us. We will definitely be sharing about your books with our friends.

    2. Thank you :) You are very welcome. We really enjoyed your books. We certainly will share them with our friends. Thank you for sending them to us to share.


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