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Today is ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Cor) day in Australia. It's a natioanl day of remembrance in Austrlai and New Zealand that commemorates all Australians and New Zeealnaders who served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping endevours. Today I want to share some beautiful books that bring ANZAC day to life and touch the hearts of those who read them.

If you love poetry you may want to look at  ANAZC Day - An Ode to the Fallen (along with extra resources) a poem by the English poet and writer Laurence Binyon and was published in London in The Winnowing Fan: Poems of the Great War in 1914.

  • Format Paperback | 304 pages
  • Dimensions 128 x 198 x 19mm | 206g
  • Publication date 15 May 2009
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Publication City/Country New South Wales, Australia
  • Illustrations note maps
  • ISBN10 0732285402
  • ISBN13 9780732285401
It is 1915 and three young woman Midge, Ethel and Anne start a canteen in France, reaching out to and caring for the wounded who are returning from the front. Midge is recruited by the ambulance service and finds herself in carnage and scenes of courage she could never have imagined.    Her twin Tim has been listed as MIA in the devasting defeat of the ANZAC forces at Gallipoli.
When the 'War to end all Wars' is over, all three discover that going 'home' can be both a strange and wonderful experience.

A Rose for the ANZAC Boys was awarded the 2009 Honour Book, Children's Book Council fo Australia and shortilisted for the 2009 ABIA Awards.

  • For ages 12-17
  • Format Paperback | 224 pages
  • Dimensions 129 x 198 x 13mm | 162g
  • Publication date 01 Apr 2009
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Publication City/Country New South Wales, Australia
  • ISBN10 0732288398
  • ISBN13 9780732288396 
Simpson and his donkey is a well know from the war.  Together they saved over 300 men over a span of 24 days. He died at Gallipoli in Turkey in 1915.  We are looking forward to reading this story after seeing the bronze memorial statue of the two of them here in Melbourne.

About the story:   "The famous story of Simpson and his donkey - a true Anzac legend Most Australians know of Simpson and his donkey, who became heroes at Gallipoli, even among the Turkish forces. Few know where the donkey came from, or what happened to him after World War I. Or that another man carried on rescuing the wounded with the donkey after Simpson died. This is the story of a small unassuming donkey. It's also the story of Gallipoli, of Jack Simpson, and New Zealander stretcher-bearer Richard Henderson, who literally took up the reins after Simpson's death."

A Story of Courage in World War 1

  • For ages 9-12
  • Format Hardback | 32 pages
  • Dimensions 210 x 282 x 12mm | 322.05g
  • Publication date 30 May 2008
  • Publisher Candlewick Press,U.S.
  • Publication City/Country Massachusetts, United States
  • Language English
  • Edition statement Us
  • Illustrations note chiefly col. Illustrations
  • ISBN10 0763639133
  • ISBN13 9780763639136
We read this book a few years ago and enjoyed learning about Jack Simpson and his donkey at ANZAC cove.

From Book Depository: "Two unlikely heroes rescue hundreds of men wounded in war in a poignant picture book based on a true tale of World War I. When Jack Simpson was a boy in England, he loved leading donkeys along the beach for a penny a ride. So when he enlists as a stretcher bearer in World War I, his gentle way with those animals soon leads him to his calling. Braving bullets and bombs on the battlefields of Gallipoli, Jack brings a donkey to the aid of 300 Allied soldiers -- earning both man and donkey a beloved spot in legend. This engaging nonfiction tale includes a map and brief bios of key characters."

  • Format Hardback | Paperback  32 pages
  • Dimensions 242 x 262 x 9mm | 395g
  • Publication date 05 Nov 2013
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Publication City/Country Pymble, Australia
  • ISBN10 073229360X
  • ISBN13 9780732293604
ANZAC Day is a public holiday and as such a special day when we remember and honour those that have died to preserve our freedom.  In this book Jackie French shares the traditions that have been passed down from the first march of the veterans in 1916 to the descendants who march today.  She references the many plays the ANZACs have fought and the various ways in which they keep peace and support civilians in war-torn parts of the world today.  Beautifully illustrated by Mark Wilson.

  • For ages 6-8
  • Format Paperback | 36 pages
  • Dimensions 202 x 281 x 4mm | 190g
  • Publication date 01 Dec 2015
  • Publisher Random House Australia
  • Publication City/Country North Sydney, Australia
  • Language English
  • Edition statement Reprint
  • Illustrations note colour illustrations
  • ISBN10 0857981935
  • ISBN13 9780857981936
Meet... is a series of books introducing famous historical figures from Australia's past who have shaped our history and the country we are living in today. These books have been written for a younger audience but we love finding them at the library and bringing them home.

Meet ... the ANZACS  "ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. It is the name given to the Australian and New Zealand troops who landed at Gallipoli in World War I. The name is now a symbol of bravery and mateship"

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