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Princess Cut {Review}

Who would have know that my son would grow into a young person so passionate about everything movie production.  In fact we now remain seated in theatres and read through the credits!  It's quite amazing what you can learn about the movie industry from a twelve year old. We were very excited to see Princess Cut as it was produced by homeschool graduate Paul Munger and Watchman Pictures.

The Story
Princess Cut is the beautiful unfolding love story of a young woman named Grace who has been with her boyfriend Stewart for fifteen months and is dreaming of  the perfect proposal, by her knight as he presents her with a princess cut diamond ring declaring his unfailing love for her. She however learns that true love waits for the perfect time along with some painful life lessons along the way.

As her dreams of the perfect romance fall away to ashes around her, two young men walk into her life - Jarred and Clint.  Two very different young men with two very different hearts and backgrounds.  One wants to get to know her and her family and change the trajectory of his life the other is interrested in a fast romance with intimacy and little else.  Who will win her heart and the love of her family and how long before Grace sees the truth?

Through the many turns that life takes Grace learns that discovering your soul mate and remaining true to your heart is a narrow road but one that is well worth the wait.

Princess Cut  is an old-fashioned romance that emphasises getting to know someone well before entering into a deeper relationship with them.  It encourages young people to trust their parents and enjoy being home.

For the Parent
  • The Dove Foundation have rated Princess Cut to ages 12+
  • Nudity - None
  • Drugs - None
  • Offensive Language - None
  • Sex - some references to by the therapist who recommends that the young woman move in and live with her boyfriend comparing it to 'trying on a shoe' first to see if it fits, she however rejects this advice.
  • Violence -  A young boy is hit by a vehicle but the scene is not shown, you see the badly bent bicycle, the boy is fine. There is a fight scene.
  • Other - some tension between characters which is resolved through love and forgiveness.

Cast of Princess Cut
  • Grace Anderson is played by Ashley Bratcher and has also appeared in the films War Room and 90 Minutes in Heaven. She was named One of “Top 15 People to Watch in 2015” by Out of the Woodwork. Starring as Jim Anderson is Rusty Martin, Sr., who has been seen in featured rolls in films such as Courageous, Love Covers All, The Carrington Event, The Remaining, A Long Way Off, and War Room.
  • (Dad) Jim Anderson is played by Rusty Martin, Sr began his acting career a decade ago and his very "believable" presence on film has resulted in many featured roles in numberous films such as Courageous, Love Covers All, The Carrington Event and War Room.
  • Katherine Anderson is played by Mimi Sagadin, who studied improv at The Players Workshop of the Second City before appearing in over 40 projects, most notably opposite John Rhys-Davies in “Return To The Hiding Place.” 
  • Rusty Martin, Jr (Robert Anderson) has been acting since third grade when he found his passion.  He has starred in movies such as Courageous, Polycarp: Destroyer of God's, Love Covers All and has received the Best Male Actor award at the CMM awards in 2014.
  • Evan Brinkman (Drew Anderson) started his film career at the age of nine as Sam Stein in Doctor Bello sitting through four hours of make up each morning for his character! He has acted in Torn, The Owl and Trainwreck.
  • Actress Jenn Gotzon is Brooke McClaren. She portrayed Tricia Nixon in Ron Howard’s Oscar-Nominated “Frost/Nixon.” Since then, she has been in a nu7mber of redemptive movies, and has received the Film Advisory Board’s “Award of Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment World” for her role in “Doonby.”
  •  Actor Joseph Gray is Clint Masters. He has had guest roles on such fare as NBC’s “Revolution”, Lifetime Network’s “Drop Dead Diva” & the CW’s “The Originals”. He also ad a supporting role in the National Geographic Channel’s record-breaking TV Movie “Killing Kennedy,” and portrayed ‘John’, a principal role in the Academy Award nominated film “Alone, Yet Not Alone.”
  • Cory Assink portrays Jared Cunningham. He has had tenured commercial success, including multiple Super Bowl appearances and working repeatedly with Hollywood’s top directors.
General Information
  • Produced by Watchman Pictures
  • Written by: Paul & Sheilah Munger
  • Director: Paul Munger
  • Producer: Paul Munger
  • Genre: Romantic Drama
  • Runtime: 97 min
  • Industry Rating: Not Rated
  • Purchase: Princess Cut  
  • Official movie resources: Princess Cut Resources

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Over All I thought ...
Princess Cut  is an old-fashioned conservative romance with a Hallmark flare.  As a family we loved  the humour (Little brother Drew advertising his sister in the local paper.  Boy did we laugh at the outcome of that choice!) and the story line.  It was wonderful to know we could watch this movie without fear of bad content or wrong morals. 

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