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Introducing Floor of Your Core by The Tummy Team

Spring is a marvellous time of the year.  I love the deep blue skies and the warming weather I find it invigorates me and spurs me on to make some health changes.  A couple of years back I discovered Kelly Dean and The Tummy Team and was thinking about taking out my notes and doing a refresher to re-establish my core strength as I had noticed that I was not as strong in my daily life as I know I can be.   I still follow the team on Instagram and have seen some interesting posts relating to a new program they recently launched called:  Floor of Your Core.

Introducing Floor of Your Core 8 week online Rehabilitation Program by The Tummy Team

As I was reading the posts I thought yes I can identify with these myths and the ridiculous pelvic floor advice some people had been given (I had been given the same advice in the past). Kelly and her team were sharing and saying there is a better way. It is unrealistic to expect physicians to know everything, especially in this day and age where medical insights change on a daily basis however there needs to be a balance and it is not right to be careless with comments that are not truthful to patients.
Functional pelvic floor is about connection, coordination and consistency not tension, gripping and intensity - Kelly Dean, MPT

  Symptoms of Pelvic Floor weakness to be aware of

  • Urinary Incontinence - wetting yourself when laughing, jogging, sneezing or being unable to hold on to go to the bathroom.  While this is common to many woman it is not normal.
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse - feeling pressure after intimacy, a feeling of heaviness down there, feeling a bulge when wiping.  
  • Intimacy Issues - pain during intimacy or a numbness is not normal and may be a symptom of weakness or injury.
  • Pelvic Pain - painful tailbone, pain in pelvis during your cycle, deep pelvic pain.
 Finding balanced helpful answers to these issues can be a challenge and I was so relieved to discover that The Tummy Team are committed to supplying woman with the correct information and dispelling the myths that surround pelvic floor issues and providing accurate medical advice and support.

After reading more about the pelvic floor on their blog and hearing Kelly explain how the pelvic floor is an important part of the core I contacted the team who have graciously gifted me a Floor of Your Core - 8 week Online Program to try in exchange for a review.

More Information on Pelvic Floor

How I found The Tummy Team

Two years ago I discovered The Tummy Team when in desperation I was searching for a solution to Paul's chronic back pain and annual winter trouble that he was experiencing as a result of a serious back injury which ended in surgery followed by more than six months of rehabilitation in New Zealand.

While researching the topic I was appalled to realise that most medical protocol is to manage pain with medication as there was no premise to fix the root cause as there was no known solution.  At that stage Paul would religiously do Pilates but he was still in constant pain.

 I was scrolling through Instagram and I was rather surprised at the info graphics explaining that PlankingCrunches and Cross-Over Crunches are really bad exercises for your core and your tummy and actually do not accomplish what we think they should. I was drawn to find out more about their program because Paul had been regularly exercising including doing planking exercises to strengthen his core but was still having pain issues and regular flare ups with his back.

We are so blessed to have our lives changed when The Tummy Team blessed me with their online Core Foundations Program. This program dramatically changed my life and my husbands. You can read my review on how the program works and how it can help you here:  The Tummy Team - Core Foundations Review.  

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I would like to thank Kelly Dean and the Tummy Team for sponsoring me with Floor of Your Core I am looking forward to the next step in becoming Strong 4 Life and I look forward to sharing my journey and progress here on the Blog.

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