Thursday 20 May 2021

G is for Geography

 Welcome back to Blogging through the Alphabet. Today we are looking at the letter G. I must confess this letter stumped me for a few days until I resigned myself to writing about Geography in your homeschool.  My co-host Desiree is sharing G is for Green in her Lego ABC series.

Geography tends to be one of those neglected subjects within homeschooling circles and some curriculum providors.  It does not need to be however as there are some really amazing resources available to us now.  Below I've listed a few resources to get you started.


 Unit Studies on this blog
As we travel the globe on our discovery of Geography I will be adding more geography unit studies to this blog.

Books we love
(Libraries are an excellent resource to teach for FREE)

Homeschool giveaways has an excellent resource list of printables too


 On Pinterest 


Expedition Earth

Sir N and I are currently working through Expedition Earth: A Journey through God's World. This curriculum was written by Erica from over at Confessions of a Homeschooler. We have been working our way slowly through this download watching YouTube clips, cooking and extra Notebooking pages. Sir N is enjoying it so much that he calls it our Travel School.

Trail Guide to World Geography

Trail Guide to World Geography  This particular package is my all time favourite.  You can purchase this as a book or an eBook download.  This little big book is chock full.
If you do this book with your children they will have covered geography from A-Z in three years.  You do each section once.  Once in primary school, once in middle school and once in high school. Each time your student does a year they go deeper learn more and practise more.
Each level is a complete 36 week school year course.  The teachers manual comes with everything you need to successfully and comprehensively teach geography without any prior knowledge of the subject.  There are also student work books available for each grade level.

Other Resources

Did you know that the total area of land surface on earth is: 143,804,549 square km? 

What are YOUR favourite Geography Resources ?



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  1. I think I have the Trail Guide looks so familiar from when I was teaching. My son loved Let's Go Geography...the lessons were fun and the crafts were adorable.

  2. Thank you for all of this information. I will be giving MegaMaps a closer look for sure.

  3. Byron's Games has a great board game and a free app. I know we have really liked those. And Let's Go Geography is a fabulous curriculum for elementary and early middle school.

  4. I love maps. The idea of printing a huge map sounds fun. We have used some of these resources over the years, but there are many here I haven't so I'm excited to have this list! I love geography.


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