Thursday 3 June 2021

Instagramers to follow who are Home Educating


 Welcome to week ten of Blogging through the Alphabet 2021. This week we are looking at the letter I and my co-host Desiree will be blogging about I is for Iron Man in her alphabet lego series.

Today I would like to share a list of homeschool bloggers to follow on Instagram.  (The original list that I've expanded upon is shared with permission from Erin at Seven Little Australians

Instagram is one of my favourite platforms for it's ease of use and the sense of community is really really encouraging. 

Instagram first launched 6 October 2010 and is a phone only app which is available on both Android and Apple products.

You can find me there under the user name @chareenr and @macro_passion. When I first started using instagram I recorded our daily life as a way of tracking what and where we went.  Over the years it's been a multitude of things.  These days I record special moments and the books we are enjoying for high school.

If you are looking for photo's of wildlife or the occasional story from a zoo keeper then pop on over to my husbands instagram @servalpaul.  He loves hand feeding some beautiful little birds and you can see some slow motion feedings under the hashtag #paulswrens

Hashtags are a fabulous way of sifting through the content or discovering content to save or new people to follow.

For homeschoolers try: #charlottemason #homeschoolhighschool  #readaloudrevival #sonlight #homeschool #homeschoolLife #homeschoolingfun #homeschoolmom #homeschoolcommunity #homeschoolblogger #homeschoolingfamily #homeschoolfriends

A great way to discover new accounts is to join a follow loop.  You can also look through the list of whom I'm following here.

American Homeschoolers on Instagram

Canadian Homeschoolers on Instagram

Australian Homeschoolers on Instagram

Australia Somewhere


Distance Ed

Northern Territory


  Who are your favourite Homeschoolers on Instagram?



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  1. woohoo! Canada has it's own area!

  2. Thank you for sharing my Instagram! I will have to go through the list to find new people to follow. One of my favorite people to follow has a private account now but we have become very good friends.

  3. Amazing list! I am not familiar with a lot of those, so it should be fun checking them out.


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