Wednesday 6 July 2011

Sponge Painting

At art this week we had heaps of fun we did sponge painting. My husband came up with the idea of cutting out shapes for the children to use.

I purchased kitchen sponges from ALDI and Safeway and we used cookie cutters as templates for most of the shapes.  At first we tried drawing them onto the sponges but this did not work as the antibacterial liquid in the sponge clogged up the texta and stopped it from working.  In the end Paul held the cookie cutter in place on top of the sponge and cut around it.

We used poster paint from The Reject Shop and Crayola Washable poster paints to make our pictures.

I did not give much thought to protecting clothing.  My friend came up with the idea of using bin bags.  She cut the bottom open and we put them on the children.  Arms through the handles and I used a piece of tape to make it smaller by taking the handles and taping them together behind Sir N.
He really enjoyed making his picture.
Sir N sponge painting

Sir N completed picture.
Overall he really enjoyed the day.  One thing I did learn through this experience is that you need to wet the sponge shapes before you start painting.  If you don't they just 'suck up' the paint and you end up using a lot of paint and you don't see much texture on the page.

If you want to see how others have done this craft you can have a look at Confessions of a Homeschooler Australia Craft Sponge Art Activity and Make and Takes wet water sponge activity
Have fun sponge painting


  1. what a fab idea ! i might have to give that a go with Abi she loves printing her hands at moment with the paint... - maryleen


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