Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sir N's First Sonlight Box Day

I bought my very first core** and Science, Handwritting, and Math from Sonlight way back in 1998 and my first two roses really enjoyed the journey.

With Sir N starting school this year I decided to update my original Core K ( now called Core A)

My First Box Day

I remember my very first box day so vividly.  This box arrived and was far smaller than I had expected for $750!  I unpacked and stacked the books in my room and was worried about what my husband would say.  I took Sonlights advice and read the IG (Instructors Guide) which said put the books away and spend a week preparing.  Best advice ever, and I am so glad that I took it. 

After the first week I knew I had made the best investment ever.  That IG was worth it's weight in GOLD!  and the $750 was a small investment into books that were worth every minute we spent together reading and learning together.

FedEx tracking

I have really enjoy the advent of the internet it has really added to the anticipation of receiving my box.  I eagerly watched my boxes progress accross the globe and was so surprised at the speed and efficency of Sonlight. 

Last friday (5 Aug)  I placed my order on line in Australia just after lunch and my box arrived here on Tuesday morning (9 Aug) !

A picture is worth a thousand words so here is our story:

"Mommy can I open it NOW?"

Granny joined us for box day and showed Sir N how to wear his new paper scarf!

"Ooooo Mommy some more of those crayons!"

"Look how BIG that lightening is!"

"mmmmm that's interresting"

"Look they are swimming with the dolphins"

"Yes I can fit in the box!"

And so our new Sonlight adventure begins.  This week is a week of preparations and next week Monday will be day one of our 36 week year of Core A and Science A with Sonlight.

To read more about our curriculum choice for 2011 and 2012 you can have a look at my Curricula page.

What have you planned to use with your families Home School adventure this year ?


** Sonlight® Core programs use the subject of History as the foundation for your homeschooling curriculum. This history focus provides a framework for your family to better understand literature, scientific theory, philosophy, and a wide-range of other subjects. A history backdrop also helps you see how what you are learning ties together throughout your home education.

You have a choice of 18 Core packages for your Pre-K through 12th grader. Each Core program includes a year's worth of History, Geography, and Literature curriculum for your homeschool.
Quoted from the Sonlight Website.


  1. I am so glad that N enjoyed Box Day. We enjoyed ours too. I love that everything came soooooo quickly .

    I do wonder though, who was more excited about Box Day , Mr N or you ? :)

  2. Thank you Erin we are :)

    Anon I think I was more excited then he was :) This is my 13th year homeschooling / box day year and I think it gets more exciting every year!

  3. Aww. Cute pictures Chareen!!
    That core remains our SL favourite so far & box day looks fun at your house too ;-)


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