Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Spring is in the air ...

The sun has been shining and the skies have been beautifully blue today so we took our Sonlight read alouds hopped onto the tramp and did our reading there.

We are really enjoying Sonlight's choice of reading so far.  In fact the books are so good even Sir N's Aunty and cousin enjoyed a read together today.  Aunty M stated "I think I need to join in your homeschool"

One of the most interesting things I learned today is that frogs can have heart shaped pupils!

It felt so much like spring had arrived that I decided to do some macro photography in the garden

Hope you are enjoying the first signs of Spring



  1. I love how great books can draw everyone into the joys of learning at home [smile].


  2. Outside without a sweatshirt.... oh nice!!!! We're not quiet that warm here yet.
    I'm enjoying reading your blog post Chareen, I don't always stop to comment though :).

  3. I agree Luke. Very happy with the additions to Core A. Loved watching how Miss A at 2 sat still and listened.

    Chelle. Yes warm !! Love the feeling of spring in the air :) Thank you for the encouragement.


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