Monday, 15 August 2011

To Label or Not to Label ??

I counted the other day and realised that I have been a Sonlight customer for thirteen years this year! Over the years I have collected a beautiful library of books courtesy of Sonlight.

Personally I have never wanted to label my books. Me put stickers on a book ? No I don't think so.

About three years ago I began feeling extremely frustrated with not being able to locate books I knew I had or finding them in the oddest spots on the shelf after hours of searching. In fact I was so frustrated that in desperation I finally gave in and ordered labels from Sonlight. I spent hours drawing lines, cutting strips and putting them onto my books then back onto the shelf. It has been well worth the effort and time investment that it took to do.

Now when I pick up a book I know exactly where it comes from and so do the rest of the family.

This is the process I use.


 I gather the books together that need labeling.These are the books I ordered to update my Core A a few of these are double ups.


  • Next I grab the book lists from my Instructor Guides as well as the Book Label sheet from Sonlight.  As you can see I grabbed some scissors as I thought I would need these but Sonlight has pre-cut the book labels so it made the job of labeling soooooo easy this year. 
  • Next I number the books on the book list and then I write the numbers onto the book label.
  • I then attach the numbered label to the book


I have numbered the books because it makes it easier to put them back in the "correct" spot on the shelf and easier to locate when I need it while using a Core. This process has made storing and locating my books so much easier.


Here I put my Core A from 2011 and the balance of my Core K from 1998.  There are a few titles "missing" due to being in storage till the end of September but I shant be needing them till October.


This is a small shelf of books in the living area. This bookshelf holds a lot of memories for me.  It used to be in my parents home and hold our encyclopedia set which I really enjoyed using. My parents bought the shelf and encyclopedias as a wedding present. 

I decided to gather a range of books from Core P 3/4, Core P 5/6, Core A and a few others from the larger book shelves in the rumpus room and keep them in one handy spot, as I tend to forget what I have available. 

I will take you on a tour of my four big book shelves in two months time ! My family often tease me about my love of books. My dad blessed me with three custom made floor to ceiling shelves which he designed and made for me and a friend in New Zealand built me one for small paper backs. Enough of that till a later post. I can't show you at the moment as they are in storage.  My aim is to sort my collection and blog about it later.

How do you organise your library ?




  1. Ummmmmmm! Books everywhere even in the laundry so if you get bored while doing the washing there is always a wee corner there one can retreat to read. Chareen and her books brings back many memories and have watched her collect these treasures she now stores behind all my stuff which we storing in the rumpus room until September. So everyone hang on there for her next chapter of exposing this well hidden treasure in her rumpus room

  2. Oh yes, I can see the benefit of labels.

  3. Love you Mom :-)

    I agree Erin. :-)

  4. SL labels have saved my searching sanity a time or 4!
    (Nice job Chareen!)

  5. Thank you Chelle. I do wish I had done it sooner :-)


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