Sunday, 18 September 2011

A day time trip to the zoo.

Today was the last day of our week of rest and the weather was so beautiful we decided to go and visit Paul at the zoo along with Pop Pops and Granny. 

We were blessed with three wonderful encounters: The Serval Presentation, Behind the Scenes Serval Encounter,  and seeing The Cheetah Lure.

I wont say too much but let the pictures tell you of our adventure. 

Serval presentation. Paul showing the markings on the back of the ears.

Paul with serval in the serval encounter enclosure

A serval dew claw

Demonstrating just how high a serval can jump to catch a bird in the air.  Amazing.

Demonstating the agility of these beautiful african cats.

Cheetah waiting behind the scenes.

Watching Paul put out the cheetah lure.
 Zoo keeper explaining to us what is happening behind the scenes.

Successfully caught.  Now enjoying his meal.
The word cheetah means spotted one.

It was a wonderful afternoon of time together.  Over the years I have found that making outings like this an all day event would really exhaust the little people so these days we tend to go for two to three hours at a time.  I find that this shorter time span better suits us and tends to be more productive.



  1. Wow I didn't realise your husband had such an interesting career.

  2. He does :) I think I might do a post on him for his birthday ! Thanks for the idea.

    thank you for the reminder just how interresting it is. I guess we are used to it as it's our every day. Thank you for helping me to look from an outside point of view :)

  3. We are overdue for a zoo visit! It looks like you got there just in time for the great shows some zoos do. I find the big cats fascinating!


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