Saturday, 24 September 2011

Treasured Moments 4

Do you find yourself falling into a pattern of daily grind, skipping the 'fun' activities because you don't have time or lack energy?

Do creative arts, nature walks, drama, read aloud or spontaneous acts seem only a distant dream in your life?

Yet these Treasured Moments shared with loved ones uplift us, nurture our soul, remind us of the beauty and joy in our lives.

We want Treasured Moments for ourselves, for our children, for our families but how can we make it happen?

... Commitment ... Encouragement ... Support ... Ideas ... Plans.

I invite you to join us every Saturday and share your plans and ideas, your targets and goals and your stories ... your 'Treasured Moments'. In this way we may inspire one another, encourage ourselves and start achieving our dreams. Hosted by Erin at Seven Little Australians and Counting

My Treasured Moments this week are:
1. Having my special friend Mrs L come over with her six beautiful children and just spend some time in encouraging fellowship.

2. Watching Sir N enjoy playing with cousins and friends during the week. I also enjoyed watching him help with the big move on Tuesday.  He loved being in charge of the lift on the removal truck. I also enjoyed seeing him enjoy a lesson at a different swim school.

3. Being there when my parents received the keys for their new home.  What a special time it was walking through their new home.

4. Being encouraged as I read posts at Creating with Wisdom I especially enjoyed Vicky's post A Book Meme and look forward to making mine, discovering Susan's blog Home Grown Kids at Kerugma and being encouraged with her post Watch my heart .... not be idle .... my weakness and Belinda at Live Life with Your Kids and one of my favourite blog posts that really encouraged me was written by Jennifer Fulwiler over at Conversion Diary titled The Goal Oriented Life. In fact I am looking forward to sharing this post with my husband and going on a date and making a goal list with him.

5. Receiving my new point and shoot camera in the mail.  I am so excited. I wanted a small camera that could fit in my hand bag and could function as a capturing special moments camera for my blog.  Paul bought me a FUJIFILM Finepix AX350 from Digital Camera Warehouse.

6. Seeing the crystals finally form in the crystal growing bath which Sir N put together a few weeks ago. I will be doing a photo story on the crystal growing later this week.

7.  I have been reading and encouraged by Michelle over at Homeschooling Downunder.  She has been doing the 31 Days to Clean Challenge Having a Martha House the Mary Way by Sarah Mae.  One of my goals is to get my home in order and I have been sort of floating around aimlessly.  So I have taken the plunge and purchased the E-Book (US $4-99) and will be starting this challenge on the 1 October 2011.  I am looking forward to doing this challenge.  Do any of you want to join me ??

8. Last but not least I took the plunge and made a second blog.  This blog came about because I am feeling really run down, burnt out and in need of Godly encouragement.  I have called it : GEMS 2 TOTS. (Godly Encouragement for MotherS 2 Train Our Treasures) I will be getting it up and running some time over the next month.  So please pop on over and have a look and let me know of great resources I can share.

To join in you are welcome to add your post on Seven Little Australians and Counting using the Mr. Linky form (please link to the individual post) and include a link back to Erins post. If you haven't a blog we would still love to hear your voice, just leave your stories in the comments.



  1. You've been so busy, Chareen - I'm impressed! I'm looking forward to reading your meme and following your links -and, also, reading your new blog.

    I'm thinking about the spring clean. We just packed up for our holiday, this morning, and do you know I spent the whole week dawdling and procrastinating with everything that needed to be done. Then, I raced around, this morning, and got the house sparkling in two hours! Now, I'm glad I had a cruisey week, enjoying myself. Still, it probably wouldn't hurt for me to be a little more dutiful, I think:)

  2. It has been a very busy week Vicky. In fact so busy book school did not happen but the school of life did!

    I look forward to doing my meme, once I can see the titles to some of those books I remember reading :)

    Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your precious family.

    We are going on holiday to a 10 year family reunion next April and I am really looking forward to this time of rest :)

    I think getting my home d-cluttered and organized will definitely help with this nagging sense of burn out I am feeling so bring on Saturday !

  3. Chareen
    Pleased to hear N likes his new class.
    Feeling spring fever myself:)
    thanks for joining in.

  4. Hi Chareen,
    So nice of you to mention my blog... but you didn't stop in and say hi :( Next time you're over my way, just pop your head in and say g'day so I know you called. :)

    Ooooh, my first camera was a fujifilm too! Are you planning to post any of your photography?

    Also, have you joined the AussieHomeschool Blog Roll?

  5. Hello Susan

    You are welcome. I really enjoyed finding your blog. I read about it on a home school FB page and hoped on over and had a read. I felt really encouraged so thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Yes I am on the Aussie Homeschool blogroll :)

    I will pop in and leave a message thank you


  6. Hello Erin.

    I've had spring fever but no energy of late. I am however determined to start on the 1 of October and look forward to reading the ebook and meeting the challenges :) Wanna join in ?


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