Saturday, 3 September 2011

A week in review

This past week we did week 3 in Sonlight Core A.  I was worried that I would be a little bored with the work as this is my second journey through this particular core with Sonlight.  I am pleased to announce that no I am not bored and yes I have been learning alongside my six year old. Together we have been exploring Ancient Egyptian culture, weather, poetry and The Boxcar children.  In fact Sir N so enjoyed The Boxcar Children so much he wanted me to read it out loud to him again.

Last week we read Tadpoles and Frogs in Science and when Paul was gardening this week he found a frog, he captured it for us so we could have a good look.

It always amazes me how these things just "happen" at the right time.  Our God is so amazing and knows just what we need and when we need it.  He supplies above and beyond our job is to open our eyes and see what He has provided.  It's all a matter of perspective I have come to realise.

We also started on our Abeka Arithmatic 1. I love the colour and simplicity of this book along with it's biblical perspective.

We also have a dove family living in one of our flower hanging baskets outside the kitchen window. The mom has hatched her eggs this week and we got to look at her babies.

Aren't they beautiful ? . 

We also started a crystal growing experiment.  This I am learning is a patience growing experience. 

One of the extras with Sonlight this week was practicing how to cut.  This is a skill that Sir N has not had much practice in so I dug out the Abeka Art Projects K4 book I had and we did some cutting out.  This was our first project on Monday.

And of course Sir N learned how to skip

I did not miss out this week.  I had a mini box day from The Book Depository.

Last year we read Jotham's Journey for Advent but I felt this book was a little difficult for Sir N and decided to put it away till he is older.  I have been surfing the book sites in hopes of finding a book for this years Advent season and discoverd the Advent Storybook and decided to give it a try.  I will let you know at Christmas how it is going.  We start this particular book on 1 December.  I know this is not strictly the first day of Advent but this little book is geared up to begin on December first.

So what adventures have you been up to this week with your homeschool ?


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