Friday 9 September 2011

Nails, Wood & String

"Daddy I want to make something with wood, nails and string" came the imploring voice of Sir N on Thursday morning. Daddy's are wonderful they come up with all the solutions.

Look what Daddy and Sir N did together yesterday:

Our Supplies
Colorix crayons, string, nails, hammer
I dug out the Colorix Crayons because they are easy to use.  My paint is packed away at the moment and this was the next best thing.
The String Art Fun Techniques page  suggests using cork tiles from your local hardware store.
"Daddy I want to use the drill to make a hole"
Daddy drew a picture of a sailing boat on a piece of wood.
Next he nailed some nails for the string to be attached.

Sir N then used colorix crayons to colour in the yacht picture.

Paul then spread the colour using water and a paint brush.

All ready for us to add the string.

The finished item.

Free String Art Patterns are available from String Art Fun.  There is a fee one for a boat and a circle that once it is strung makes a picture of a heart.  I really would like to try that one. 



  1. I love this craft, Chareen. Almost the only art I remember from primary school was when my dad helped me to make a string and nail picture of a butterfly. It was so much fun!

    It's lovely to be sharing with you, Chareen:)


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