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Homeschool Mothers Journal {6}

The Home school Mother’s Journal began as a single post on a Friday morning over at The Homeschool Chick, and turned into a link-up for homeschool mothers across the blog-O-sphere to share a piece of their journey with one another each week. The link party is open from Friday to Monday so join me in The Homeschool Journal and lets encourage one another on our homeschool journey.

In my life this week…
In our homeschool this week…
  • We are on holiday :)

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
  • Take the time to sit back and enjoy the moment.  

I am inspired by…
  • A blogpost over at Warrior Princess Lessons: I choose to enjoy my children. Feels so good to read encouragement from a fellow homeschooler in the trenches of everyday life and being encouraged to make positive life choices.
  • I had a visit by a friend recently who was sharing her heart with me and I in turn turned the conversation into my experience.  After reading I SEE YOU! I needed to apologize to my friend.  I am so glad I read this.  It has encouraged me to hear my friends and let THEM know I hear them and what they are sharing is important and that their feelings are valid and I care.
  • This week Paul and I watched Temple Grandin-Thinking in pictures my life with Autism..  Watch a trailer on Youtube.  What an inspirational movie.   Temple is listed in the 2010 Time 100 list of the 100 most influential people in the world in the category "Heroes".

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
  • Taking Sir N to see the Christmas lights and homes that are decorated for Christmas.
  • On Tuesday cousins Miss A and Miss Z came to play. We also baked gingerbread stars to make tree cakes. 
  • On Wednesday we went to Granny's place to ice / put together Star biscuit tree. So much fun.
  • Thursday was our Summer Solstice and we went to Mrs KW house for a solstice lunch get together.  It was great having some encouraging fellowship!
  • Friday we visited my parents and Paul helped my Dad erect a shed in the back yard before it became too hot.
  • Friday night Linda from over at Pillars of Pine and her family joined us for dinner. We were so blessed with their family.

My favorite thing this week was…
  • Sir N loosing two of his teeth and him informing me that the top teeth are for the Tooth Fairy and the bottom teeth are for the Tooth Mouse.
  • Receiving my anniversary ring back from the jewellers.  It needed to go in for repairs. 

What’s working/not working for us…
  • Going to the library once a month.  I have decided to make a once a week library day and see if that will work better.  I think it will be better to bring five books home on a weekly rotation rather than twenty books on  a four week rotation.

Questions/thoughts I have…
  • How do you find your true self when you have spent so many years adding to the mold of yourself what others are doing ? 
  • How do you discover your destiny and His vision for you ?

Things I’m working on…

I’m reading…
  •  The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. I originally started this book a few months ago but shelved it as there was so much going on in my world.  I have decided to slowly read this and see what the Father wants to say to me. Isaiah 54:13  All your children will be taught by the LORD,   and great will be their peace. I am holding onto this scripture at the moment for I am weary.
  • Replevin This post has inspired me to make a list of the areas in my life that the enemy has stolen from me and to place it before my Heavenly Father and ask Him to restore the land the locust has eaten.
  • Working towards a Happy Home. I enjoyed this post.  It reminded me of the younger years with my two teens.  I had forgotten some of this information and it has inspired me to think of ways to encourage Sir N in the new year. I am also keen to read some of these books.  Might need to ask Jo if I can borrow them.  :)
  • Who are you listening to ? Wise or Fools ? by Sally Clarkson over at her blog I Take Joy.  This post has affirmed what I feel the Father is trying to teach me at the moment To Be True to Myself. and to be aware of who I am allowing to speak / guide me in life.  I am so treading water at the moment and I think it's due to burn out from not looking after myself properly this past year. ......

I’m cooking…

  • Gingerbread stars to make trees!
  • East African Chicken for dinner.

I’m grateful for…

I’m praying for…

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself (Anna Quindlen).

Blessings and Merry Christmas to you all.


  1. Only 20 books a month? I think we check more than 20 out a week!

    I love you gingerbread tree stars, sound like you had a nice week! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Hello Mama Bird.

    That plus the 3 000 + books we have on our own shelves. :) as well as the school read alouds we have plenty. Will probably work our way up to 20+ a week ! LOL

    Thank you. I enjoyed making the trees.

  3. I am really lousy at this momma-job if I don't take care of myself. Last night I was trying to pack and kids were being kids and making me crazy and I was tired from another long day. Before I yelled at anyone, I quit packing, grabbed a book and shut myself in my room. Much better momma for the rest of the night.

  4. Hello Becca

    You are so right about learning to see the signs and taking myself out the situation and recharging.

    Mommy hood is one of the hardest jobs I ever took on and yet over the long run it's been one of the most rewarding and times the most challenging.

    Thank you for your encouragement to do so !


  5. Hi! Stopping by from HSMJ :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    We go to the library once a week (or try to go) and it works for us. We love it!

    Checked out the 52 in 52. Think I will join in. Thanks for the tip! :)

  6. Love the quote that you shared!!! The gingerbread star tree is awesome:)

    I was able to hear Temple speak at a conference a few years ago...what an amazing story she has.

  7. Mrs Mommy: You are welcome. I hope you can join me in 52/52 I am quiet looking forward to doing this challenge. I have even been looking at some Kindle books to take on our trip ! :) I will let you know how the library thing goes.

    Prairie Jen: Wow you are blessed to hear her speak. I was blessed and inspired when I watched the movie. It helped me understand some children I have come to know.

    I ♥ the quote too !

    Blessings and happy new year

  8. I am a weekly library kind of gal, although we have cut down greatly on how much we check out. Having a great home library (and I see you do from your comment to Mama Bird) makes a huge difference.


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