Sunday 19 February 2012

NBTS Blog Hop - {Week 2} Curriculum.

Our Worldwide Classroom Welcome to Week 2 of the Aussie NBTS Blog Hop.  This week we are sharing our curriculum for 2012!

Last week you met my three children Mr T, Miss J and Sir N who have all been homeschooled.  Mr T and Miss J have completed their education with me and the only student I have at present is Sir N.   This is a new experience for me educating an only child so each day is a little different to what I 'know' from then.

Our major family experience will be returning to South Africa for a 10 year Family Reunion in

We will be spending the majority of our time in Hoedspruit which is where Paul and I met, married and were blessed with our first two children.  We are looking forward to some great rest and fellowship with Paul's parents up at Trackers.

This will be a summary of what I would like to do with Sir N this year. For a full breakdown you can have a look at our Curricula for 2012 page.

I would summarise our style as Sonlight at the core and Eclectic. Please note I do not use every single item in it's entirety.  I use what we need and ditch the rest.

For our spine we are using Sonlight Core A with Grade K Readers - 5 - day.  This core is all about Exploring God's big world! It's about aquiring a very broad overview of world history and exploring different cultures. I LOVE my IG (Instructors Guide) it is my saving grace.  It keeps me on track and moving forward because I can take many scenic routes and follow one too many rabbit warrens in my schooling.  You can have the first 3 weeks from Sonlight IG emailed to you just select which Core, Language Arts & Science.

Time Line

Read Alouds
Language Arts
  • Sonlight Science A - 5 Day 
  • Sonlight Science P4/5
  • During our trip to South Africa we will be living on a beautiful game farm with Dave Rushworth who pioneered outward bound education.  He is a fountain of knowledge and a wonderful mentor and amazing naturalist.  I love watching him impart his wisdom and knowledge and look forward to Sir N spending time with him for two months.
  • Paul is a wonderful source of Natural information and generously imparts his love of nature with Sir N daily. (this weekend he found a frog and gecko and brought them in for us to see)
  • I would like to incorporate Nature Journaling this year and spend at least an hour each week outdoors looking at nature (The Outdoor Hour).
Art & Art appreciation
Whew it's quite a list !  I felt overwhelmed writing it and wanted you to know that we do NOT do everything everyday. More on that in week Four of the Not Back To School Blog Hop.

Writting this list certainly took me down memory lane and inspired me to write a Time line of my homeschool journey.  Come back on Monday and see a little of my journey over the last 15 years in the wonderful world of Home Schooling.  The things that have influenced my choices and kept me moving forward. 

Don't forget to hop over to Our World Wide Classroom and read what other Australian homeschoolers are using this year in their homes.  There are excellent links and summaries so grab a cup of coffee (or two or three ...) and hop around Australia.

Till Thursday when we will all be sharing about our Learning Spaces.


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  1. Look forward to reading your timeline post Chareen! What a journey it must have been :) I'm going into year 4 of homeschooling! That Worlds Greatest Artists unit study looks really interesting :)

  2. Thanks for sharing, Chareen! How fascinating - I wish we could go and live in Africa for two months, my daughter would be beside herself with joy at all the exploring and nature observation she could do! I look forward to reading your timeline post.

  3. You are Sonlight fans:) Hadn't quite connected that.
    We're using the art treasury too:)


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