Monday, 19 March 2012

Mum Heart Conference

Have you heard about the Mum Heart Conference up on the Sunshine Coast, Australia ?

This is what Barb has to say about it: "I would love to encourage you on your home schooling journey and introduce you to mums from all around Australia who share your enthusiasm for raising your family - wholeheartedly.
This is not so much a "how to home school" conference ... more of a break away in a beautiful setting to encourage and replenish you and fill your heart to go home inspired to minister to your family.
Last year, I had the privilege of traveling to America to attend Sally Clarkson's Whole Heart Intensive and I am so inspired to pass that encouragement on to you! "

The conference will be held at  Novatel Twin Waters Hotel and there will be three speakers this year.  

I am hoping I can join the ladies in June but still not sure.

Will any of you be attending ?



  1. Oh wow! Thanks for telling me about this. I would love to go to this. Want to be my roomie? Hmm, I need to chat to hubby....I have been reading Sally Clarkson books all year!

    1. Jo I would love to be your roomie. Will need to chat to my hubby and it depends on flight costs to get up there. I love Sally's books. Are you far from this hotel ??

    2. I am about 2 hours drive from this hotel. It's a little bit easy for me to go (and cheaper) as I only have to travel a little way.


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