Thursday 15 March 2012

My Dad My Hero My Friend

 --MY DADDY-- 
Author: Carolyn Ford Witt

You were the strength of my existance
My guide at that young age.
You tried to be my teacher
My father-and my sage.

You brushed the dirt off of my knees
And checked the bruises there
And taught me to express myself
In a way that would be fair.

You taught me things to sustain me
Through every step of life
You tried to always protect me
And hide all kinds of strife.

                                                    You made your daughter strong enough
                                                     To face each problem here
                                                     That's why, I'll always love you,
                                                     Thank You, My Daddy dear.

Happy Birthday My Dad 
 I Love you more than words could ever say.

A Prayer for My Dad

Lord, Shepherd my dad today 
In green pastures let him lay 
To still waters guide his way 

Lead him in the paths of right 
Through the valley give him light 
When he's afraid ease his fright 
With Thy rod and staff lend might 

 Prepare a table of spoil 
Annointest his head with oil 
Give to him a cup that's royal 
Let goodness follow his toil 

And Thy mercy cease never 
May he dwell in Thy house forever 
This I ask in Jesus' name, Amen
Poem source: Poem
Psalm 23 

I love you my Dad and am proud of you and look forward to many more 4x4 adventures with you !

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  1. Chareen, what beautiful words for your dad! He is blessed to have such a loving daughter:)


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