Monday 28 May 2012

A day discovering Mariepskop Picnic site

We went with Dave to explore Mariepskop on Thursday last week.

On the way we found a Chamilion.

Here is a smorgsboard of what we saw and did

Some of the flowers we saw.

Mariepskop Picnic site

A little stream.

Looking up stream at the view points

Sir N enjoying the freedom to climb and explore

Paul enjoying the swinging rope :o)

Taking a moment to enjoy the sights and contemplate.

The view upstream

There are beautiful little streams all over adding to the tranquil feeling.

The view driving home after a wonderful day of memories.

It's been so wonderful watching Sir N explore and discover both himself and his surroundings.  I am enjoying watching him gain confidence with his own abilities.

Blessings from Africa



  1. Your photography is superb! You have a gift, Chareen - thank you for sharing your holiday with us:-)

    1. Thank you Vicky :) I enjoyed visiting this place as it's another of the special places that we courted at and used to take outward bound school group trips to.

  2. So beautiful, Chareen! Your photos are favorite of your visit so far:) Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Thank you Jen. I have so enjoyed photographing our trip. Sir N wanted to know why we had not come here once a week ?

      You are welcome. I am looking forward to reading everyone's blogs and catching up when I get home. :o)

  3. Hi Chareen,

    I've just invited you to join Victor's HEEE HEEE Meme. It's just for fun so don't feel obliged if you're busy. Also, I know you wouldn't be able to do much, until you get home so please don't feel pressured. Hope you can join in - it would be fun to read a story from you.

    God bless and prayers for your safe trip home:-)

  4. Hi, I lived on Mariepskop many years ago and was searching for photos to show my wife, your photos are amazing and bring back good memeories. Tx Chareen

  5. Hi Chareen, how is the road leading up to the site. I know many years ago this was only accessible by 4x4.


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