Monday, 4 June 2012

Two Birthdays just like the Queen ...

Happy Birthday Sir N !  We have certainly had loads of fun celebrating your 7th birthday this year.  Just like Queen Elizabeth we are having more than one birthday. 

We had a birthday celebration last Sunday in South Africa at the end of our holiday and yesterday Mr T arranged a surprise birthday party for Sir N.

Was so proud of you watching you cut the cake and then hand out slices to all those at the party before serving yourself and you did it without any prompting from anyone !

Just look at the view from the veranda !  We had such a lovely holiday at Trackers in South Africa.

Just look at this awesome cake my Mom made for Sir N's surprise Birthday Party yesterday.  Big brother Mr T organised it all himself and invited everyone as we were still on holiday in South Africa till Friday. 

Watching the candles burning.  It was so very good to see everyone after being away for two months.

Today we will spend a quiet day at home and then the week will begin in earnest as we prepare to go back to official school next Monday.

Blessings my special gift from above you are truly one who was asked for and brings much joy.


  1. Happy birthday, Sir N, and welcome back, Chareen:-)

    I'm looking forward to reading your homeschooling posts, again. Thanks for sharing your holiday snaps, while you've been away.

    God bless:-)

  2. Happy Birthday wishes to Sir N!!!

    Glad that you are home safely from your trip, Chareen:)


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