Thursday 23 August 2012

A day at Federation Square meeting Olympic Athletes

Yesterday Paul, Sir N and I took a trip to Federation Square to join in the festivities and meet some Australian 2012 Olympic Athletes.

We had an enjoyable trip to Federation Square on the City Circle Tram

We were ahead of schedule and had to stop in front of Parliament House for seven minutes which gave us a window to explore.

We also had a neat time spotting the different elephant statues dotted around the city in celebration of Melbourne Zoos 150th Birthday.

The team members were generous with their time and happy to stop for photo's with us.

Then it was time to listen to all the formal speeches welcoming the athletes to Melbourne.

On the top: These four ladies (three of them are in their 90's one of them is 97) set a world record last week in their swimming relay event. Bottom: Anna Meares and Sally Pearson.

It was a lovely day meeting some wonderful people and the weather was great too.

Will you be visiting any of our Olympians in a city near you ?


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  1. What a great day out. Anna Meares is one of our local heros. She and the three local hockey players.


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