Thursday 4 October 2012

Carnival of the Animals at Melbourne Zoo

Just arrived and find a spot to sit.
The main reason for our trip to the Melbourne Zoo on Monday was to to watch the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra perform Carnival of the Animals.

This member from the MSO sat on the floor and chatted with the kids.
He explained to Sir N which instrament he plays and let him look and touch the mallets he uses to play. 
The 11 member performing arrived tuned their instruments. Once they were ready the conductor came out and introduced the instruments and Noni Hazlehurst who was our host and read an adaptation of Ogden Nash's Poem between each section of music.  It was a wonderful introduction to the Orchestra.

Members of the MSO tuning up and preparing for the conductor and performance.

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Did you know that the MSO performs Free concerts ?  The next one will be at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in February 2013. Coming up in November is the MSO Classic Kids! Maximus Musicus.


Carnival of the Animals 
Performed with Ogden Nash's Poem
Narrated by Noel Coward for this 1949 recording.

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