Wednesday 24 October 2012

Melbourne Museum

To finish a week long unit study about Helen Keller and Louis Braille, we made a a special trip to Melbourne Museum to have a look at Living in a Sensory World a temporary display.  We had lots of fun exploring this and other exhibits on display.

Here is a photo story of our day.

We started off in the Living in a Sensory World where we explored the world of the blind and the things that have been developed to help make their world an easier place to live in.

The lighthouse is a symbol for the blind in Australia.  This brass light house was awarded to Helen Keller.

From here we did a little bit of exploring in The Melbourne Story.  We ran out of time to fully explore this exhibit. You can take a virtual tour of this.

The children enjoyed a 'ride' on an old roller coaster
followed by a trip to a movie theater.

We had a look through an old part of Melbourne and how they used to live.
From here we went to find the Dinosaur Walk exhibit only to discover that they have opened a new Dynamic Earth exhibit which we took a very quick look at and found it very hard to pull the children away from.  We had to promise to please come back to explore! (Gold to a mothers ears!!)

It was a wonderful day out and I am so pleased we have a family Museum Membership to enjoy this resource in Melbourne.  If you haven't been here in a while I invite you to come and explore it more fully.


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