Thursday, 25 October 2012

iHomeschool Hopscotch Blog Hop - 10 Days of

 iHomeschool is hosting a 10 days of ... blog hopscotch.

These are the ladies who are you hosts:

These are their blogs and topic links for you to explore.

  1. Baking with Your Kids  |  Tiffany at Sweet Phenomena
  2. Developing Fine Motor Skills  |  Sara at Happy Brown House
  3. Discovering Your God Given Purpose  |  Alisha at Flourish
  4. Disney Schooling  |  Susann at Momma Hopper
  5. Exploring Germany  |  Carlie at So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler?
  6. Family Time Traditions  |  Karin at Trophy Mom Diaries
  7. Family Friendly Fall  |  Sarah at Sidetracked Sarah
  8. Growing Gracefully  |  Richele at Under the Golden Apple Tree
  9. Home Management for the Homeschooling Mom  |  Amy at Raising Arrows
  10. Homemade Holidays  |  Tabitha at Meet Penny
  11. Homeschooling Gifted Kids  |  Colleen at Raising Lifelong Learners
  12. Homeschooling Through the Holidays  |  Tiany at Social Savvy Mom
  13. Homeschooling Your Dyslexic Child  |  Marianne at Abundant Life
  14. How to Create the Life You Want  |  Jenny at Planner Perfect
  15. Hymn Study for Homeschoolers  |  Judy at Contented at Home
  16. Living Math…Matters  |  Cindy at Our Journey Westward
  17. Newspaper Activities for Kids  |  Kathy at Cornerstone Confessions
  18. Nurturing Young Readers  |  Gabby at Word of Childhood
  19. Parenting Your Hurting Child  |  Kim at Not Consumed
  20. Potluck Meals  |  Laurie at Our Abundant Blessings
  21. Pouring God’s Word Into Your Kids  |  Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom
  22. Prepare for Christmas NOW  |  Donna at Hey Donna
  23. Raising Proverbs 31 Women  |  Meg at Homeschoolin’ Mama
  24. Reading Aloud  |  Mary at Homegrown Learners
  25. Teaching Reading  |  Amber at Classic Housewife
  26. Teaching Spelling Through Word Study  |  Becky at This Reading Mama
  27. The Art of Strewing  |  Aadel at Temporary Tents
  28. Using Ordinary Notebook Paper  |  Heather at Blog She Wrote
  29. Using the Bible as Your Main Text in Homeschool  |  Karen at Simply Living for Him

Enjoy :)

Some of these topics look really interesting.


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