Wednesday 2 January 2013

Bandicoot Adventure

Am I allowed to take a moment to boast about my zoo keeper husband ?  Here in Australia we have a special little animal called a Bandicoot.

WORZ Bandicoot Breeding Program
This little animal is extinct in the wild and the zoo is working towards having a sustainable population.  As part of this project the zoo has created a little spot for them to live.

In December we were invited to the official opening of the Bandicoot Breeding Area.  Tonight this release featured on The 7.30 Report. You can watch the entire report on the ABC website.

Paul and Sir N released number four of the Bandicoots.

We met some amazing people

Left - It was really cold so we borrowed a blanket, The sun set was stunning and a perfect way to end the evening, Paul and Sir N preparing to release the Bandicoot.
Middle - Victoria Minister of Environment The Hon. Ryan Smith, MP, Sir N touching a Bandicoot with one of the Zoo Keepers from WORZ
Right - Sally Lewis Director Werribee Open Range Zoo, Victoria Minister of Environment The Hon. Ryan Smith, MPJenny Gray CEO Zoo's Victoria

It was a wonderful evening and I'm so very proud of my other half and my son :)



  1. Just watched it! So exciting when you know the people in the report:)

    1. :) I agree. We get such a rush when I see someone I know on TV.

  2. How cool! Of course you can brag on him, and how great that your son could share the experience with your husband.

  3. Congrats! What an awesome thing!!

    1. Thank you I'm so proud of them both. It was awesome :)

  4. I loved the little critter that almost missed its big chance at stardom because it fell asleep in the box.


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