Saturday, 25 January 2014

HSMJ it been a week of Homeschool Essentials

In my life this week…
It's been an extremely busy week here at Every Bed of Roses.  I've been sharing about my 5 top Homeschool Essentials and started homeschooling. Why is it so hard to get the routine going after a long holiday ??

In our home school this week…
  • We watched The Lorax and discovered that there was a drawing tutorial for three of the characters under the extra's section. It was super easy and we had fun drawing.
  • We have explored the values of friendship in the lives of David and Johnathan and the results of disobedience in the life of King Saul in bible study.
  • Started reading Jim Elliot again.  We didn't complete this last year. These are my favourite lives of missionaries stories.
  • We started Elements of Music Volume One.

TL - This week we have enjoyed playing Naughts and Crosses together
TR - Did a colouring in project together from Art with a Purpose
BL - Learned about choosing friends with a good character
BR - Built something for the Lego Quest Challenge

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
  • This week was the quiet before the storm. Next week all the activities start back up 
  • We had afternoon tea with a friend
  • Been to the dentist.  
  • Today I'm hosting a second hand book sale at my home.  I've been finding some treasures ... 
  • Paul and I are going to see BABBA  really looking forward to this
My favourite thing this week was…
Questions/thoughts I have…
  • Have you ever drank through a stainless steel straw ?  What do you think of the concept ?  Should we look at buying some with all the smoothie drinking happening here ?
Things I’m working on…
In Bloggy world I’m reading…
I’m cooking…
On Pinterest I found...
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Today's quote is in honour of Ruth Beechick who has inspired and encouaged me on my homeschool journey.  I found out the other day that she passed away recently.
"Sometimes a teaching parent feels guilty when home school
seems informal and related to regular family activities. If this
happens to you, remember that such informal teaching is a
powerful kind of teaching. You and your child need not sit down and play Classroom in order to accomplish good teaching and learning

-Ruth Beechick
Quote from: Language and thinking for Young Children



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  1. Oooo!!! We have the Lorax! I wonder if ours has the same tutorials? DD would LOVE that!! Thanks for the tip!!

  2. You have been super busy! I also hate getting back into a routine after a long break, mostly because it's so tough for Firecracker to get back into a routine after a break.

  3. Your posts are so full of awesome goodies! I loved that list of 27 places. I can't wait to show my 11 year old! By the way...we are having a rough time getting back into it too.

    Heather @ A Nurse's Wildflowers


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