Saturday, 25 January 2014

Technology! {LEGO Quest II}

Sir N did his first Lego Challenge last year and enjoyed it so much I've decided to add it into our homeschool year this year. The Canadian Homeschooler is continuing the LEGO QUEST challenge series and this months theme is Technology.

Here is Sir N's creation

How to share in the fun
  1. You can share your child's creations on your blog,Lego Quest II | 
  2. On Instagram or Twitter using the hastag #LEGOQuestII 
  3. Post it to the Canadian Homeschooler Facebook page.
  4. Email your child's creation to with LEGO QUEST in the subject line by the 20th of the month, 
  5. Be sure to add in the following information along with the photograph:
    Your child’s first name
    Your child’s age
    What Province/State or Country you are from
    What you have made  
  6. This challenge ends on January 28th. 

So dig out the Lego and have some fun together

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