Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Lunar Eclipse Melbourne {15 April 2014 - Blood Moon}

I've had a long standing delight in witnessing solar and lunar eclipses.  It all started in 2011 when we got up at some crazy hour in the morning to see Lunar Eclipse {16 June 2011} this in turn started a quest to know when the next Solar eclipse in Australia would be.  This resulted in our journey to Queensland in 2012 during which time we experienced a total Solar Eclipse. Last year we took a trip to Ballarat to see the Annular Solar Eclipse {10 May 2013}. Today we had the privilege of witnessing a lunar eclipse at sunset over the bay in Melbourne.

To start the evening the sun painted the most spectacular sunset behind us

We were disappointed as we gazed out over Port Philip Bay in Melbourne as there was a large bank of clouds across the bay. But still we hoped that the prevailing wind would clear it in time for us to see the Blood Moon. Paul and Sir N set up their camera's on tripods and I scanned the horizon using my phone app The Night Sky.
There's the moon just below the horizon

Preparing to capture the Blood Moon

We waited patiently and then all of a sudden there before us. Unfortunately not very clear due to the cloud cover.  

Blood Moon with Mars to the left and Melbourne lights below over Port Philip Bay

We watched for another hour as the red faded and was replaced by the suns rays of light reflected back at us.

The Blood Moon is fading as the moon reflection returns

Almost half way back

Just over half way

Three quarters back

Just a smidgen to go

The moon in her full glory reigning over the night sky

Here are two of Sir N's captures
Taken by Sir N

Taken by Sir N

For more information

The next lunar eclipses will be 
The next Annular Solar Eclipse

Did you see the blood Moon last night ? If you did what did you think ? If you blog and shared some pictures please leave me a link I'd love to see your photographs.



  1. thank you so much for the pictures. I pinned them if that's okay to remember.

  2. Wow - your pictures turned out beautifully! We had to wait until 3 am to see the eclipse in our neck of the woods…and we also had some cloud cover, so no pictures this time. However, it was incredible to see….and Mars' closeness to the moon made another breathtaking display, too!

    The phone app looks very handy - I will have to check that out!


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