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The Brinkman Adventures Season 2 {Review}

Have you heard of The Brinkman Adventures? Neither had I until Brinkman Adventures asked the crew to please review The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24. We are officially hooked!  Wow!

The Brinkman Adventures are the result of a vision and idea the Lord gave to Ian Bultman one day when he was away on a prayer retreat.

The vision was to create radio quality dramatizations retelling actual modern day missionary stories using the day to day lives of his own family (there are 9 children in his family).   Each of the children's names have been changed in the production but they all play themselves.

The aim of the series is one of changing lives and encouraging young people to become missionaries.

What we received
  • We received the complete iTunes download version of Season 2 of the Brinkman Adventures containing 12 episodes. 
  • Each of the 12 episodes is 26 minutes long. 
  • The file arrived in a 530MB zipped folder this unzipped into 26 files in one folder (576 MB). 
  • There was over five hours of listening fun.

How we used it
After downloading and unzipping the folder I imported them into iTunes and burnt them to four CD's. As soon as the first one was ready we decided to listen to Episode 1.  The original plan was to listen to an episode a day.  As soon as we started listening we were hooked and could not stop.  We had an appointment later that afternoon and we took the CD as well as the next one with us so we could continue our listening adventure.   

Each episode has a follow up link on the website with more background information on the missionary story featured along with links to organizations and pictures of the actual events represented in the episode.  You can see these pages by following the links below. 

Ep. 01 - The Mystery Ring
Ep. 02 - Blue Hat and T-Shirt Bible
Ep. 03 - How Big Is Your God Pt. 1
Ep. 04 - How Big Is Your God Pt. 2
Ep. 05 - Mexico By Bus
Ep. 06 - Treehouse Academy
Ep. 07 - Pirates of Mayan Island
Ep. 08 - Sapphire Slave Pt. 1*
Ep. 09 - Sapphire Slaves Pt. 2*
Ep. 10 - Hadi's Choice
Ep. 11 - Castle of Secrets
Ep. 12 - On the Run

Each and every episode of the Brinkman Adventures is based on real family life.  The missionary stories are all based on actual events of missionary families around the globe.   The names of the missionaries have all been changed to protect their identities.

Each story has scripture and prayer in them and real every day life conversations.  The family pray together and do bible studies together demonstrating how to apply christian principles in daily living.

The dramatizations are excellent and you feel as though you are actually in the country where the story is taking place.

Cost of Brinkman Adventures
  • Physical 4 CD set at $25 suggested Donation
  • MP3 / iTunes download at $17.00 suggested Donation
The Brinkman Adventures operates on a donation basis. You have the option of choosing your donation value.  ALL proceeds raised go towards funding new episodes and supporting missionaries.

There are two sample episodes available for you to listen to online. Episode #1 is available to listen to at the bottom of the Fun Stuff page and episode #9  The Provider has it's own dedicated page.

You can watch behind the scenes recordings of the family recording the episodes on YouTube.

Recommended Age Range
These stories are intended for family listening.  Some of the stories are dramatic and some of the themes can be a little frightening for younger students.  If an episode is going to be intense it starts off with a recommendation that parents do listen to the story alongside their children.

Connect with

What we thought
We loved listening to The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24 so much that we have purchased Season 1 and are looking forward to Season 3. Each and every episode is sit on the edge of your seat anticipation story telling at it's best.

If your family are looking for something to listen to that is encouraging, brings truth and light into the hearts and minds of your children then The Brinkman Adventures is for you! Be warned once you start listening you will not want to stop!


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