Saturday, 7 June 2014

It's been a cultured week {HSMJ}

In my life this week…
It's been one of those weeks two long weeks where everything just takes a long time ... Have you heard about the Willis Clan ?  What an amazing home educating family of 12 children. Music and dance are not optional for this amazing family and it shows.  They have several dance and wrestling titles between them and tour and recently auditioned for America's got talent where they sing their own version of These are a few of my favourite things. They enjoy Irish Dancing.  I have been totally blown away reading each child's biography.

In our home school this week…
  • We have been working our way through a ton of library books.
  • Started back into our drawing class. We are now attempting to draw a face.  Mmm let's not tempt fate so we are using a provided outline for this one.
  • We are both enjoying our history journey with Veritas history.
  • N is working through Science 4 Us 
  • Much to his excitement N has started his official first round with Minecraft Homeschool.  Minecraft does my head in but he is enjoying it.  In week one we did orientation and this past week we learned about the Grand Canyon.  This week is the Great Barrier Reef.
  • I dug out our Learning Vitamins and we are once again doing math drill work.
  • I was pleased to discover that Apologia have brought out junior notebooks for their apologetics series.
  • We have also started a new learn the piano from home course called Homeschool Piano which has inspired N to play around on the piano.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
  • Saturday week ago we attended Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music.  
  • We experienced Flip Out trampolining for the first time.
  • Went Ten Pin bowling.
  • Had a birthday.  Sir N is now officially nine years old.
  •  Attended a Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Meet the Orchestra day.
  • My sister baked the most amazing minion cake for Sir N's birthday party on Saturday. Be sure to check out her Cake decorating page on Facebook Sunflower Creations Cake
My favourite thing this week was…
  • Seeing this beautiful prom dress a high school senior painted by hand.  She painted Vincent Van Gough's Starry Starry Night painting on her dress.  Beautiful.
  • So very proud of Sir N a photograph he took at Werribee Zoo was featured on their Facebook page.  It has had 890 likes and 50 shares.
Questions/thoughts I have…
  • What are your thoughts on teaching and learning Latin ?
Things I’m working on…
  • Read about our first book study guide.  We did Frog and Toad Together.
In Bloggy world I’m reading…
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

I enjoyed watching this update of their lives. You can jump to 7:35 for the update.



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  1. I love when you do posts like this Chareen! Except I end up spending way too much time online, thanks to you! ;)
    And about latin- yuck! hah We did it for a few years and it got the best of us. We finally decided that the program Vocabulary From the Classical Roots was a happy medium for us for what we wanted to accomplish.

  2. Are you loving Homeschool Piano? My son has watched 8 lessons in 2 days --I've got to keep an eye out that we don't exceed our download limit for the month. Seem's like we've seen a lot of the same videos too -- Solar Roadways and Detroit homes (used to live there in the 90's).

  3. I just realized that Sir N and my Firecracker are the same age! Happy birthday, Sir N! I love the minion cake!...As for Latin, I love it so much that I took three years of it. Hubby also took it as a language option at some point, so we're totally into it. :-)

  4. what a varied post. :) good stuff going on.

    Annette @ A net In Time (


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