Tuesday, 22 July 2014

To My Firstborn Happy 21st Birthday

21 years ago Today ...
God chose to give me a 21st birthday gift,
He gave me you ...

You are my first born.
You have taught me many things.
You are special.

May God bless you
May He watch over you.
May God shine His face toward you
May God show you favor.
May God be favorably disposed toward you
May He grant you peace

May you always remember 
the four pillars of manhood and be REAL
Reject passivity
Engage with God
Accept responsibility
Lead Courageously

I pray that you will be
A tender Warrior
Willing to fight for what is right
Always be Gentle and kind

May you
Do justly,
 love mercy, 
and walk humbly.

Remember to 
Lean on and be confident in the LORD
Acknowledge Him in ALL your ways
Revere and Worship the LORD
Pursue Wisdom daily

You are a young man who is deeply loved.

Happy 21st Birthday Son

All my love


 My sister made this gorgeous cake. You can see more of her cakes on Facebook.


  1. Fantastic cake - and a wonderful birthday wish/prayer for your first born!

  2. Happy Birthday! 21!! Congratulations:)
    My girl turns 21 at the end of next month too, can't believe are children are this old!!


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