Monday 25 August 2014

UberSmart Math Facts {Review}

Math Facts!  What was your first thought when you read that statement ?  For many of us we think of route drills, pages of speed drills at school and for many home educators we think of flash cards and frustrated children.  Today I would like to introduce to you the digital version of flash cards produced by UberSmart Software.

What we received

DOWNLOADABLE SOFTWARE for mastering math facts. It can be used by eight or more students and will enable your student to practice the following:
  • Dot Cards (like adding domino faces)
  • Keyboard Entry (Ten-Key Numbers)
  • Flash Cards (add, subtract, multiplication, division)
  • Addition/Subtraction goes up through the 9s
  • Multiplication/Division has the option to set it to go up to 9's - 20's. (9's, 10's, 11's. all the way through the 20's
How we used it
After downloading and installing UberSmart Math Facts I took some time to explore the drop down menues at the top of the screen.

 Each menu is divided up between beginner and intermediate.
  • Learn - contains dot cards and flash cards
  • Practice - dot cards, keyboard entry and flash cards
  • Test - Beginner (assessment test), intermediate (mastery test)
  • Compete - Competition (here you choose the skill, age range and student)
  • Report - You can choose to see any students progress from here.  There are seven report cards to choose from and each of these are available for the skill sets being practiced / mastered and then each of those are further divided by the number group from zero to nine followed by a combination of all the numbers.
  • Maintain - here you have access to the students, admin passwords, updates and information. This is only accessible to the password holder.  This is where you add students and
Sir N took an Assessment and we were provided with a comprehensive report on screen which we were given the option of saving.  I am very impressed with this report it is well written and positive. The report covered the following areas:
  1. His name, test duration and date
  2. A summary of his ability to fullfill the prerequisites to successfully use the flashcard componant of UberSmart.
  3. Counting skills
  4. Sequencing skills
  5. Relationship skills (greater than, less than or equals)
  6. Odd and Even number skills
  7. Keyboard Entry - UberSmart recommend a maximum entry time of 2.5 seconds per number 
  8. Math Facts - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Each skill is explained in the report and followed with a short report of where your student is in that particular skill set.

From the results of this assessment we used UberSmart to mainly practice keyboard entry skills.  This is practiced by showing a number and the student uses the keyboard to log the number they see.  At the end of each round an average time per keystroke is presented.  At the end of a practice an encouraging note pops up.  Once he reached keyboard mastery he started on facts.

When learning a single flash card is put on the 'table' and the answer is captured.  If an incorrect answer is given it turns red and is crossed out and the correct answer is displayed to the right.  At the bottom of the screen there is a progress bar and this fills up with a green line as the student progresses through his/her pile of cards.

 This is what the screen looks like if you want to use the dot cards to practice math facts

Once your student reaches mastery they are prompted via a message to attempt a test. During the test the cards move across the 'table'. The one in the centre is the one you are answering, the one to the left is a completed card and the one on the right is the next card in your pile.  There is a time requirement in the test and this is tracked along the bottom in the red bar and just above it is a green progress bar which shows you how far you are through your cards.  You have the option of turning off the time before starting the test.  Once you have mastered (100 %) in any number group for the skill set this will be noted in the drop down menu option in both the practice and test menus.

The mastery chart is my favourite. As you can see it is illustrated with little faces who are either sad and red or really bright happy green depending on your skill level.  I like this representation as I can see at a glance where the student is in their learning.

Cost of UberSmart Math Facts
  • Standard Version for home use $24.95 this includes FREE upgrades and support and is licensed to run on all the computers in your home.
  • Professional version licensing ranges start at $49.95 for 10 students.

Recommended Age Range
  • Grades K - 6
  • Any student needing reinforcement of math facts

System Software Requirements
  • This is for Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista only.
Final Thoughts
If you are looking for a flash card, clutter free method of learning math facts that will accurately keep track your students progress then UberSmart Math Facts is for you.  It is both easy to install and use.  The reporting is comprehensive and you have numerous options available to you the parent to accurately see your student's progress and where they need help.


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