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IndoctriNation {Review}

The new Schoolhouse Review Crew year kicks off with a DVD review from Great Commission Films.  They have blessed me with a copy of their new documentary DVD IndoctriNation.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself "What are my children being taught during their 8 hour day at school ?"  Is it purely academics or not ?  If not just what is being allowed to be spoken about in class ?  For that matter most parents happily entrust their children to total strangers for 12 years of their lives never knowing who these people are, what their beliefs are or what they are being asked to teach our children.

IndoctriNation is a documentary that en devours to uncover the historical nature of the school system along with the consequences of the voices of those who have influenced the shaping of the school system as we know it today.  Colin and his family travel across the USA interviewing over 25 people on the differing aspects of the current educational system and uncovering some interesting historical information on the why behind the how of the current schooling system. 

What we received
  • Physical DVD of IndoctiriNation.
  • Duration: 1 hour 46 minutes
  • Availability: Worldwide 
  • The DVD contains the full length documentary, six deleted scenes,  a word from each sponsor (2) and a special interview with David and Kim D'Escoto (Author, "The Little Book of Big Reasons to Homeschool").
  • The DVD features a cast of 27 people from all walks of life, preachers, historians, authors, school teachers, school principle, lawyers, educators and educational policy experts, administrators, political leader, economist and others.
  • IndoctriNation has been awarded several awards.

How we used it
Paul and I spent an evening watching IndoctriNation together, we paused and discussed parts of the video as we watched. One of the first statements in the documentary that grabbed my attention was this:
 "I don't think that there is anything else that 90 % of Christians do, together. Fight to the death over which bible you're going to use.. which denomination you're going to be a part of... 'Duke it out' there too ...
but 90% make the exact same educational choice, and nobody can point to book, chapter and verse to justify it. - Voddie Bacham, Jr., D.Min"
The more I thought about it the more I realised that in general this is a very true statement of the church today. I had never ever thought of education from a biblical perspective until we moved to New Zealand 19 years ago.  When we got married and were blessed with children we both assumed that when the time came they would attend the local government school.  It's got me wondering why do we as Christians make our educational choices exempt from our doctrinal beliefs ?
" This is the debate we need to settle. With sincere Christians on both sides asking: Should we protect our children by withdrawing them from the public schools OR should we leave them in the system to try to influence the schools for the better?  - Colin Gunn"
 We were both surprised at the history of education and recognised a few strategies we both experienced at school and did not realise were used on us and how that had shaped our perspectives.
We enjoyed the scripture document which represented the biblical view of the training and education of our children.

The DVD is now being shared out among our homeschool group and I will come back and edit with their perspectives and response to IndoctriNation here
  • "90 % of Christians send their children to school. 80% of those children walk away from their faith! Definitely an eye-opener for Christian parents everywhere, who would wish to see their children in service for God as adults." - Belinda 

Interesting glimpses of IndoctriNation

Cost* of IndoctriNation
  • Rent it on demand  $ 4.95 (48-hour streaming period)
  • Buy it for $12.95 (Stream + download anytime)
  • Physical DVD $19.95 (discount pricing available for quantity purchasing.)
  • IndoctriNation Book (372 pages)  $14.95
  • DVD & Book Bundle $24.95
Available from the IndoctriNation store.
*Cost is in US $ and correct as at February 2015 and is subject to change without notice.  Please check the price BEFORE purchasing the item.

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Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed watching IndoctriNation.  I found it thought provoking and interesting.  I loved the historical background on the structure of the school system as it gave me a better perspective of the why behind the how at school.

I especially enjoyed the questions that were both asked and answered throughout the documentary. I highly recommend this insightful thought provoking look at the educational system.


You can watch a long version {First 30 min of the documentary}or short trailor {2:42} of IndoctriNation on vimeo, or the first 30 min FREE on YouTube.

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