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Year 4 Curriculum {NBTS}

It's week 2 of the Not Back to School blog hop being hosted here and at Our Worldwide Classroom.  This week we are sharing our proposed curriculum for 2015.  Don't forget to meet some of our amazing homeschool blogging families in Australia.

Our plan is to take 12 - 18 months with the following books.

Sonlight Core B

This year my aim with Nathaniel is to add in some more Charlotte Mason educational principles.  This is a learning journey for both of us as in the past I have followed Sonlight and the Well Trained Mind.  I really enjoy teaching / learning history chronologically so my aim is to complete Sonlight Core B this year and flow into Core C.

Read Alouds
Last year we did not get to most of our read alouds due to taking the scenic route and reading aloud a whole raft of other books so this year we plan on doing two read aloud periods a day.  In the morning doing Core B and afternoon Core C

 Fine Arts
  • We will continue using The World's Greatest Composers by Confessions of a Homeschooler.
  • The Classical Kids Collection Vol 1 & 2. These are produced by The Children's Group and cover the lives of eight famous composers.
  • Classical Composers Monthly as a supplement to whichever composer we are studying.
  • We will continue with The World's Greatest Artists Vol 1.  We have already studied Claude Monet {FREE Resource List} and will continue and learn about the other seven artists in the unit.
  • We did Shipwrecked earlier in the year and really enjoyed it so we will work our way through Bible Stories by See the Light
  • In an ideal world I would love to do some Hymn study too.  I have not settled on anything.  I think we might alternate Composer Study with Hymn Study.
  • We will be meeting up with a family each week where we will continue to learn to play the recorder as well as work our way through drawing lessons from the Drawing Textbook.
  • I am also in the process of reseaching the Charlotte Mason philosophy on the Fine Arts.
  • This year we also intend on attending a few MSO concerts and a ballet concert.
Sonlight Core C

This year we will continue reading Story of The World Volume One and using the Activity Guide which goes alongside it.  Core B and C also do History chronologically so I will be consulting my manuals and using the recommended read alouds and spines from Sonlight.

 I haven't decided yet upon a resource to use.  Here are a few I'm contemplating using

 I think we may continue using Expedition Earth: A Journey through God's World.

I would like to also complete  Trail Guide to World Geography  This particular package is my all time favourite.

I saw a review on Wonder Maps and really like the look of this program.  Have any of you used it or seen it ?




For science we will choose books from our very well stocked home library this year and will be working through Exploring Creation with Astronomy from Apologia.  We will be using the Astronomy Junior Notebooking Journal.  Once we have completed this we will begin Exploring Creation with Botany.

For hands on Science we shall continue with Science Activities, Vol. 1 
Language Arts
We will be continuing with WriteShop Primary this year.  This program is an excellent way to introduce composition to reluctant writers and primary school aged students.

Last year I began using Logic of English with Sir N and was really impressed with his progress.  This year we will continue our lessons with the goal of completing the program.

This is not synonymous with spelling. We will continue to work though Spelling Workout starting with book B this year. I am also compiling a list of classical books we will be using as read alouds throughout the year ahead.

I haven't yet settled on a grammar program.  I have two books I'm considering.  The first being English for The Thoughtful Child by Mary Hyde OR Karen Andreola's Simply Grammar: An Illustrated Primer.

This is something I want to focus more on this year with Sir N.  There are so many incredible benefits to the student in developing this skill.

Second Language
This year we will begin studying two other languages: Latin and French
For Latin I will be using two programs Prima Latina and  Getting Started with Latin
For French we will begin using  Rosetta Stone

No doubt due to our eclectic tendencies and as I learn more about applying a Charlotte Mason approach to our home education this will change.  I will update this list as I make changes to suit our learning.

This list is current as of 9 February 2015

It's your turn.
Looking forward to reading your plans for the year ahead.


  1. We purchased Logic of English late last year it is a great program isn't it!

  2. Particularly interested in your geography and writing recs, will check them out:)


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