Tuesday 15 March 2016

Week 3 Social Studies a Science of Relations {2016 Virtual Curriculum Fair}

Welcome to week three of the 2016 Virtual Curriculum Fair.  This year I am co-hosting with  Kristen over at Sunrise to Sunset and Laura over at Day by Day in our World. I'm on a mission this year to read the original works of Charlotte Mason and to implement her philosophies in our homeschool.  One of the things she often talks about is that education is a science of relations.  This idea really resonates with me because nothing in life truly stands in isolation.  EVERYTHING is interwoven and affected by everything else. Over the years I've grown to understand and see the benefit of immersion in education and the deep impact it has on the student.

In week one we looked at language arts and in week two we covered math, science and logic.  This week we will take a look at things like history and geography.

My personal passion is teaching/learning history chronologically. My reasons for this are: dates help us to anchor our learning and every single subject happened somewhere in history.

The stories of history are my personal favourite and I have shared more thoughts on this  here: Teaching History Revisited

Over the years I have found that geography is one area that is mournfully neglected in the home school community.   There are a few ways of teaching this interesting subject after all everything that has ever happened in history happened somewhere in our amazing world!

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