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Drive Thru History® Adventures {Review}

I'm so excited to share our latset review product with you. We have been driving through history with Dave Stotts from Drive Thru History, who recently launched Drive Thru History® Adventures .

Drive Thru History Adventures Homeschool Review

For the last 15 years, I’ve traveled the world to share the unvarnished truth of history, on location, in the context of adventure. I’ve started calling it “Adventure Learning” – history education that’s Christ-centered, fact-filled, and super fun. - Dave Stotts

What we received

How we used it
Once you log intoyour account you will find an easy to use and comprehensive website. Along the top navigation you will find links to:
  • Dashboard
    • Latest Resources that have been uploaded
    • Dave's Adventures - Dave explains how to use the curriculum and the site as well as his weekly updates.
    • Side Roads - These are short detour history tidbit video's for example: The History of Cheese, King Herod's Building Projects, Roman Coins Related to the Gospels, Coins of Herod the Great, History of Groundhog Day, Parables in the Ancient World and the Gospels, The History of Saint Valentine's Day, to name a few.
    • Featured Videos- five video's currently loaded. 
    • Facebook - news feed.
  • Curriculum - This page is divded into three areas
    • Bible History Course - The Gospels: The Extraordinary Life of Jesus of Nazareth. Dave takes a tour through the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and travels to more than fifty ancient sites in Israel.
    • American History Course - Dave explores early American history and the events that shaped the founding of the United States of America.
    • Ancient History Course - This is the course we are currently using.  Dave takes us on a journey to explore ancient history that shaped the ancient world and the impact those civilizations had on our Christian faith and how these two ideals melded together to give us the rise of Western Civilization.
  • Resources
    • Featured - A list of resources which have been written by different contributors.  For example: A Clash of Kingdoms: Jesus Christ vs Herod Antipas, Herod Antipas at the time of Jesus, Dave's Adventures weekly Update, Evidence for the Mounth of Transfiguration, etc.
    • Expert Papers
    • Articles
    • Side Roads
    • Getting Started
    • Behind the Scenes
    • Worksheets
    • Answer Guides
    • Suggested Readings
    • Dig Deeper
  • Community - Here you will find Drive Thru History on Social Media
    • Facebook Page
    • Facebook Members Only Group
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
  • Account - Details of your account - name, payments, password and a spot to ask questions.
  • Adventures TV

There are currently three diferent history streams. We chose to work our way through Ancient History Adventures. There are twelve episodes in this adventure
  1. The Rise of Western Civilization -  "I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of Marble." - Augustus
  2. The Age of conflict -  "Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man." - Pliny the Elder
  3. A Time of Challenges -  "Rome has grown since its humble beginnings that it is now overwhelmed by its own greatness - Titus Livius.
  4. Roots of Democracy
  5. Challenges of a New Religion
  6. The Spread of Christianity
  7. East Meets West
  8. Ruins and Romans
  9. The Advancement of Knowledge
  10. Heart of Stone
  11. Constantine and Constantinople
  12. The Best of the Ancient World.

Within the tour we are covering Greece, Rome and Asia Minor.  The process each week is simple.  You start with watching the weeks video.  These average at around 45 minutes each. We split the watching some weeks as the content was so full of history we needed some time to absorbe what we had learned.

Upon completing the video you then have the option of using the expanded curriculum options.  These are readings from primary source documents by authors such as:  Virgil, Homer, Plato, Cicero, Pliney the younger and the Bible. Each week the readings are supplied and you have the option of using the online reader, downloading it and printing it or reading in a pdf.

Dave's goal is to take us on a journey through locations from Ancient History  in order to gain a new perspective on the Ancient Empires and their contextual role in the rise of Christianity and Western Civilization.
The Shepherd Faustulus bringing Romulus and Remus to his Wife
nicolas Mignard 1606-1668
Each and every post has beautiful photographs of historical artifacts of interest as well as a beautiful painting referencing the learning.

The side roads are interesting too.  Little tidbits of history.  For example in week 1we read a little bit about the Roman politician and general Mark Antony who served under the leadership of Julius Caesar.

For the Parent
  • The curriculum has been writen for ages 12 and up.
  • High School students have the opportunity to dig deeper via original source documents, expert papers and short articles which are provided.
  • Old students are provided with research essay questions via outside research.
  • Younger students (ages 5 to 11) are encouraged to watch the video's and narrate answers to the basic questions.
  • The curriculum covers history geography, classic art, archaeology and apologetics. 
  • Drive Thru History has been optomised to be used accross multiple platforms (PC, Apple, Google Play, smart phone or tv)
  • Adventures TV is included.

Cost of Drive Thru History Adventures
  • Be sure to look through The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine (winter edition) for a special coupon code.
  • Drive Thru History® Adventures  is offering a set of The Gospels DVD to those who sign up for an annual subscription (USA residents only)

Recommended Age Range
  • 5 to Adult

Connect withDrive Thru History Adventures
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Dave shares some fabulous adventures on his YouTube Channel be sure to take a look at:
Over All We thought ...
Drive Thru History® Adventures is FABULOUS!  Nathaniel begs me to log in and watch each day. We are both looking forward to working our way through all of Dave's video's, seeing history where it took place and enjoying Dave's humour.


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