Monday, 12 March 2018

Taming the Lecture Bug {Review}

This year marks 25 years of parenting for Paul and I. One of the things I often joke about is that parenting is the only employment I've never managed to conquer.  Every time I think I've got it figured out something changes and I'm back at the beginning. I first encountered Joey and Carla Link around twenty years ago in New Zealand while attending the local GEMS (Godly Encouragement for MotherS) group. One of the highlights was borrowing teaching tapes which Carla had recorded (Mom's Notes) and having something to listen to during the intervening days between one meet up and the next.  So I was really excited to be gifted Taming the Lecture Bug and Navigating the Rapids of Parenting from Parenting Made Practical.
To Encourage and equip parents to raise obedient, respectful and responsible children in today's world. - Parenting Made Practical
What we received
We were given the following two video's from their Parent's Night Out serries.
Taming the Lecture Bug
Length of the video is 53:16 min.  (509 mb in mp4)

The title of this video jumped at me as I am sanguine by nature and hate confrontation so I end up nagging and lecturing my children.  As Carla said "We lecture because we don't know what else to do."

It was so refreshing to be reminded that I am my child's parent and that by handing out grace all * of * the * time I was addressing symptoms rather that working on the heart of the issue at hand.  Root issues are tied to character, and most of these issues are tied to lack of the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).

Joey and Carla take the time to explain how we can train our children to use their strengths for good and equip them with ways to overcome their weaknesses.

One of the foundational principles being to ask the right questions because asking questions helps our children to learn to think in the right way so that they will start going in the right direction.

My favourite reminder was "Parents are often focused on correcting their kid's behaviour when they need to be more concerned with the why their kids acted inappropriately rather than "what" they did."

Is there anything I would like to change:  I really would appreciate having a pdf of the notes for the evening.  Especially the questions.  The questions are thought provoking and empowering for me the parent of a tween/teen. 

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Recommended Age Range
  • Taming the Lecture Bug - For parents of 5 yrs. – college age
  • Navigating the Rapids of Parenting
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Over All I thought ...
I appreciated the encouragement to "Keep asking questions that will help my child to think at a deeper level in order to help him deal with the issues that he does not want to deal with."

 I appreciated the practical and empowering advice given in this video class.  I liked that their was no condemnation and that Joey and Carla offered practical hands on ideas that I could use to create my own personalised parenting plan. The class was thought provoking and encouraging.

I would like to thank Parenting Made Practical for gifting me this video class.


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