Thursday, 11 October 2018

Drawing Techniques {Virtual Fridge}

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"Drawing, properly taught, is the best way of developing intelligence and forming judgement, for one learns to see, and seeing is knowledge." (Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc 1883: p.305)

I enrolled in a new drawing course which sounded really interesting and would help with learning to draw for Nature Journaling.  The course is called Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101 and is presented by edX and is open for participants world wide.  This course is FREE unless you would like a certification. I have been blown away by the content and highly recommend it.

Week one's homework asked us to invest in H and B pencils which prompted us to find out more about the numerical graphite scale.   I discovered that there is no industry standard so different brand pencils can have different intensities even though the scale numbers are the same, so if you like a pencil stick with that brand!

Crey pencils are actually a mixture of graphite and clay binder.  The H and B ranking systems denote the quantities of graphite and clay within a pencil which in turn affects the intensity of colour and hardness of the pencil.

This weeks Feature

This weeks feature is a tutorial from over at Imaginative Homeschool where you can see a step by step tutorial on creating summer and fall tree artwork using paint and q-tips.
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I invite you to take some photo's of your children's artistic pursuits put them in a post and link up with me I would love to come over and see the wonderful art your children have enjoyed doing.
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  1. Thanks for featuring me. :-)

  2. I remember my students doing those gradient scales when they studied art. But I did not know that information about pencils! Interesting!

  3. I never knew that different brands had different scales but that sure does explain a lot!


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